Any ladies out there that like putting your men in panties!? I know theres men who enjoy it themselves but i want to hear about women making their men wear them!

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  • My husband goes interstate two weeks every two months and I only pack sexy panties and nighties, he does get two bras and pantyhose and I expect all to be ready for the wash when he gets home as they always are.

  • My husband brought up the subject about a year ago, he just thought he would like wearing lingerie and particularly dresses, blouses, stockings, heels being made up all while at home, I went with it and we are so happy now he is very feminine when dressed and loves doing housework, washing, ironing etc. it is great.

  • I would place my panties and pantyhose in the wash basket and noticed some would go missing for a day or so obviously my husband was using them so the next Sunday I told him I knew what was happening and we were going to get some of his own he protested but to no avail, when we got to the lingerie shop I took him into the counter and met my friend Sue saying "Brian has been wearing my panties and pantyhose so I want him to have his own" he was red faced and livid but speechless when Sue said "we better measure you up follow me" they went to a change cubical and Brian had to get undressed so Sue could get his size, I yelled out through the door better measure him for a bra as well, we purchased seven panties three with matching padded bra's and five pantyhose, I asked Sue to put Brian's size in the computer for next time and put his mobile on an alert list for new styles, Brian was so shit off walking out humiliated carrying his lingerie, that was a year ago he is getting used to it and still uses the same lingerie shop I keep suggesting he should get Sue to size him again but no luck, our sex life has got a lot better and he is a better person for it.

  • Since a very early age our son was always more female than male and even though my husband objected I started helping him be as much a girl as possible, dressing him at home always as a girl letting him have his own girl toys with plenty of dolls, baby houses etc. even a girls bike and pink with floral bedroom.
    My husband was never too happy but I convinced him it was only a phase and continued to support our son all along, he is now 26 married to a fantastic girl who also supports his cross dressing and very feminine ways they even go out as girlfriends on numerous occassions throughout the month.
    For Xmas, birthday etc I always give him lingerie and female wear.

  • My husband initiated the conversation and I was a bit upset thinking he wanted to wear girl gear eventually I gave in and took him shopping for lingerie he was so happy and became a lot more loving and caring plus helping around the house that was two years ago and even though he has progressed right into cross dressing I could not be happier, he is only totally female at home but wears panties all the time and bras occassionaly when we go on drives or under winter clothes, sex is a lot better when he is made up wearing one of his wigs and we both love it when he is on all fours and I am pegging him.

  • Not long after we married my husband started to wear panties he thought it was his secret but I knew after about two months one day I purchased five panties two with matching bras a suspended belt and three stockings placing them in his underwear draw, nothing was said but they all turned up in the washing basket so I was very happy he was wearing them so I got him another four panty and bra sets another four stockings with three suspenders and two sexy lace nighties, he started wearing the nighties straight away and everything started turning up in the washing basket so I was over the moon happy, when things were washed and dried I would fold everything and put them away for him.
    Under our shopping list I made another list headed my FEMALE wish list so he could write up anything he wanted and immediately he began using it, first was a makeup set.
    Our sex life was getting better and better all the time but he was cumming far too quickly so I began giving him a blow job every morning plus before any sex that did the trick and I am very sexually satisfied every time now and so happy with my little gurl.

  • I wanted my man to be quite a lot more feminine and attentive so I discussed with him trying sexy satin panties, initially he flatly refused till I started refraining any sex it took a week and he gave in thinking he only had to wear them when we had sex he soon learnt I meant 100% of the time, didn't like it but agreed he has been wearing panties exclusively now for over two years and I am sure he likes them.

  • One day I came home early with a cold and found my husband in the bedroom masturbating wearing my panties, bra, stockings and heels with lipstick on, we discussed his fetish and I insisted that from then onward at home he would be a gurl in every way, that was five years ago and we both now love his total cross dressing and sissy life.

  • I knew my husband was secretly wearing a lot of my female gear including panties, bras, pantyhose, suspenders, stockings and heels and using my makeup so three years ago on a Friday night I confronted him he appeared quite relieved when I said tomorrow we are going to get your own.
    After that he was wearing panties every day and quite a few body suits under his male cloths but dressed only as a female totally at home then I had one of my best friends come around to do his makeup and bring one of her husbands wigs, he had a roaring horn all the time so she said I will fix that next weekend but we will have to cuff him and put on a leg stretcher.
    The following weekend we had him nude cuffed with ankle stretcher locked on and she produced a cock cage and locked him in with quite a bit of resistance then showed him the sounding tube that was to be inserted down his piss hole and cap screwed to the end of the cage he was squealing but to no avail "that should stop you getting horny when your being made up, I will hold the keys and have a larger probe every time I come so if this one is removed without permission you will know what comes next"
    Never an ounce of problems with him since the great thing is my girlfriend and I are in a fantastic Lesbian relationship.

  • A few of my girlfriends advised that their husbands wear and like panties and it has made them a lot more attentive and help around the house some even expanding into further cross female activities.
    I started discussing it with my husband with no success but persisted and eventually it came to the situation that if he did not wear my panties he got no sex, he gave in pretty quick, then it was just a matter of praising him a lot and have him select sexy panties he liked when we went shopping these were known as his and kept in his underwear draw, I put a secret cam in our bedroom and filmed him wearing panties, taking a few copies I gave him one to watch and asked if that would be a good present for the family as I have enough for them plus more, that fucked him.
    Took a long while but no problems now he wears sexy panties all the time.

  • About twelve months ago I found a pair of panties in our glove box and confronted my husband with them he turned red and said it was his fetish to wear lingerie but he was getting over it "bull shit they were nowhere near his size more like the little slut on reception at his work", I said thats OK with me I don't want you to stop so the following Friday I had a day off went to my lingerie store and purchased ten sexy pairs along with three matching bras, suspenders and stockings plus two pair of heels for him and got rid of all his underwear, showing him when he came home I explained that I really wanted to support his fetish and thought it was cute also that if I ever found out he was lying he could accept a messy divorce or be locked in a cock cage for a very long time, that quieted him down and he has been very obedient ever since.
    I now get a lot of panties and female gear off a web site that makes them for cross dresser's to suit his exact size, plastic, pvc, latex and leather.
    He never complain's hahahaha.

  • My husband used to wear my panties and bras in secret when I caught him out he was so very sorry and embarrassed, as a penalty I told him from then onward he would only wear panties 24/7 and bras while home and when I decided out under clothing, I removed all his male underwear and we both went to the lingerie store to buy a whole lot of his own plus some nighties, it was not much of a punishment as we both love him being feminine and we are expanding him into cross dressing, makeup the whole deal.

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