She cheated but it was for best

My wife and I had been married for 13 years. Our sex was good but not great and it had stalled. My last point was the dirty talk about her fucking others. She loved it. One day a neighbors son moved back with him from his time spent in the military do he brings him by to introduce him to us. Now I know immediately my wife saw something in him since he was very tall and fit. I saw how they both looked in each other’s eye but I had no idea I would catch them fucking each other. I had expected only when I noticed she didn’t like him coming by whenever I was home anymore. Our sex was something that just totally stopped. One day I tell her I was going out of town for three days I decide to set up a hidden cam. First night was Thursday and I was able to get my work completed early so I just watched Tv and around 11:50 I almost decided nothing was going to happen I notice her get up and before you know it he’s inside our bedroom.Im shocked a actually because I was really stating to think it was just me but as soon as he walks in she sits him on the bed and they start to passionate kiss with her standing . As they continue to kiss both of their hands are going after body parts. He cannot wait to get to Linda’s big tits and immediately starts to compliment them then starts sucking hard. She’s totally enjoying him sucking them. She then makes him stand up and after a while pulls out his long hard cock. She starts to complement him on his size. He then ask her if he compares to me and immediately she says. No! This is by far bigger than him. I almost shoot off when she says this and she starts to praise and adore his cock when she sucks it you can hear the deep moans she’s making. She acts as if she’s been waiting for something his size for a long time. I can say we both compared in girth size but he had me by about 4-5 inches. He was really long and she just sucked on him and stroked it until she was ready for him inside of her. I waited to see if she was going to make him wear a condom but that talk never happened. She layed on her back and after a while grabbed his cock and guided him inside of her. I watched her facial expression and she closed her eyes as if it hurt and he told her she was very tight and she said yes but it feels so much better than ever.
At this point I was still upset, disappointed but totally turned on. I couldn’t stop them if I wanted. She was doing everything against our past discussions. He was pumping away when my wife pushes her legs over his shoulders and then the sounds of her screaming she was cumming could be heard so easily. My cock was never able to make her cum. She kissed him and they sucked each other’s tongues so passionately. I’ve waited forever to get my wife to kiss me like that once again.
You could hear her telling him his cock felt so good inside of her. She was rubbing her hands on his head, his back and even his ass to pull him in deeper.
I remember trying to get a 8 inch dildo inside of her when she told me it was too deep and it didn’t feel good. Here was Justin’s 9 inch cock pounding her deeply and she couldn’t stop talking about how good it felt inside of her. They fucked for 2.5 hours I listened to him ask her all the questions on how I compared. She would say she hasn’t had a cock that good in her since college. He would add something like damn!!! I’m here for you anytime. She would say something like I need someone who can fuck me long and hard. And he would say yeah I felt my head pounding it deep inside. I remember only being able to slightly hit it. She loved how it made her feel. Before you know it she is playing with his limp cock sucking on it making him cum hard and swallow him all. This really surprised me cause she almost always spits my seed in a towel immediately after I shoot. She couldn’t stop trying to swallow every last drop.
That night I couldn’t sleep and jacked off to that at least 4 times. The next night nothing happened but the last night they fucked with almost no lights and I mostly heard the hard rough sex they had.
She mentioned she needed his cock for herself for the rest of her life. When I finally got home it took me a while but I reached a point where I had to ask her.
I wasn’t pushing her hard I just told something about her felt different. She knew and I knew it she had given her body to him and out sex might not ever exist again after the way he fucked her.
After her telling me I was crazy over and over I finally got her to confess. She told me she went out with her friends that night and they had wind and she brought him up to her friends and they all thought he was super hot. They even encouraged her to seduce him and that’s exactly what happened. He wanted her and she wanted him. She cried but I told her it was fine. I told her for years I felt like my cock could no longer handle her and that’s why I always loved the roleplay.
I apologized for spying on her but I told her I don’t think she would ever confess so I had to find out for myself.
I allowed her to have sex with him as long as I videotaped them and she would continue as though I was never taping. For three months this continued. I told her what I liked and that the first time she kissed him I came without touching myself cause I remember her telling me she could never ever kiss another man. She told me by that time she had lost all control and he could have done anything he wanted as long as she got his cock.

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  • Your doubt wife's pussy is nine inches deep, so hopefully she had to stimulate her own clitoris while getting fucked?

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