Do I tell them? Bad first swing (Chlamydia)

I'll try to be as brief as I can: 31f, married 7 years, and my husband had been trying to get me into a swinging/wife swap for 2 years. I finally said okay, but no clubs and no strangers (essentially). We have been long-time friends (5 years) with a couple who is in a open relationship, and they said they would play, if we ever agreed to "go there." They both fancied us physically. I finally said yes.

Well, we ended up at a gathering with them and a friend couple of theirs (so 3 couples, including us), and yeah, after drinks and dinner we dropped our pants and did the nasty. The other 2 women said they were on the pill, as was I (no babies, please), so we didn't use condoms. Everyone said they were healthy. I trusted everyone.

It was kinda fun, but really weird, though the sex was great. It was a major mental adjustment to fuck someone other than my husband while simultaneously seeing him seed someone else's wife. It was a hard thing to wrap one's head around when it was happening. I was okay with the experience afterwards. It was new territory, and it was fun. I hadn't had four orgasms in a night in years.

Not long after that night (about 10 days) my vagina started itching and emitting a weird discharge. I went to the doctor and I learned I had Chlamydia. I was like, wtf? My husband seems to be STD free, though I guess sometimes symptoms of Chlamydia don't show right away. I fucked both our friend's husband and their guy friend, though not for long. One of them is infected and passed it to me. Before then, I had never had sex with anyone but my husband in the time we've been together and we were 100% healthy.

Do I call our friends and say you (husband; or the other friend husband) who fucked me gave me an STD? I'm torn, because I feel we need to get this out in the open, but it might also fuck up our friendship. I don't want that to happen. Or do I wait until the holidays are over to give the bad news?


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  • It's very possible someone didn't know they had a problem. I would want to know. Hey this stuff happens, nothing to get all unglued over by any means.
    I stopped playing a long time ago. I was so lucky to never catch anything major and figured my time was coming so I called it a day and just quit.

  • Be nice about it, but give them a call and say, "Hey, I had an issue recently, and I need to let you know about it, because it might involve you too." Then give them the scoop. If they aren't already dealing with the same issue, they might appreciate the heads up.

  • Tell your husband, get him checked, arrange a meet with everyone and both u and your husband tell them, dont go for finger pointing, itll just get nasty. do it face to face in a group and advise them to get checked out! could still go nasty but better than a phone call or txt! no easy way to do it! its a shame because iv been swinging unprotected for years with my wife but we do get ourselfs checked every so often, and planned to do it like that if we ever caught anything. itll be hard but its the only honest, decent way. best of luck to you

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