We both went bi bi

First off, this is all totally legit. Couldn't make this up if I wanted. I'm 47 and my wife is 45. We've been married for 10 years
I've been on nights for 6 months now. Wife works while I sleep during the day. So it was the weekend and we are in bed touching and rubbing and kissing. Wife says, "I've been thinking." I said, "About what?" She said, "What would you say about Amanda staying with me at night?" I said, "Why?" She said, "Well you work nights and that leaves me here alone. She needs a place to stay." I said, "Where would she sleep?" She said, "In bed with me." I said, "You sleep naked tho." She said, "That I do." I said, "And isn't she a lesbian." She said, "Yep. She is." I said, "So that gonna be an issue?" She said, "Nope." I said, "How do you figure?" She said, "Well, we'd be having sex." I said, "Really? I didn't know you were into women." She said, "Been toying with the notion." I said, "How often you think you two would be doing it?" She said, "Ideally? 5 nights you are at work."

I admit it sounded extremely hot. I'm all for my wife having a lesbian relationship. I said, "Ok so, I'm totally cool with you having sex with Amanda." She said, "Shit! Really?" I said, "Yep. As long as you'd let me do something." She said, "Sure thing. What?" I said, "One of the guys from work is gay. What do you think about he and I hooking up?" She said, "Interesting. You'd suck his dick?" I said, "Yeah. Kissing. Mutual oral. Maybe sex." She said, "Who would fuck whom?" I said, "Dunno. Maybe he fucks me?" She said, "Really? You'd take a cock in the ass?" I said, "It may be hot." She said, "I like how we just randomly came out to each other about being gay." I said, "More like bisexual." She said, "True."

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  • I admire the open honesty of your relationship. Bisexuality can be an odd position. Too many gay people say, " Oh, make up your mind, already !" or,
    "Oh, you're bi ? That means you like men AND little boys ! " Or, straight people
    or those who claim to be like the obviously homophobic tool-boy-size-queen
    adolescent who keeps coming in here to jerk off to his own hateful remarks, dislike you for exactly the same reason. It may be the definitive gray area of the ages. Stay honest, keep the lines of communication open, and good luck !

  • Same complete ashole below keeps commenting. what a tool. fuck off, buddy. If the guy's lady is cool with him taking the dick, then she is. Some ladies love their men to get fucked and suck dicks.

  • OH so sorry you queer dickhead I did'nt know comments had to be approved by you, bet your a bottom (one who takes it up the arse) and suck dicks as well

  • Hey Buddy how big is the dick that's going to be reaming out your arse, I really hope your a bum virgin so you get the total feeling of being stretched and ridden hard, suggest he takes you doggie with a ball gag on you that way you will not be able to scream till he's finished, start getting used to it course your not going to get any pussie from the wife any time soon.

  • OH what a dickhead you are your certainly almost out the door already

  • When your guy starts pumping your arse it looks about like this "o" after a month it looks like this "O" it will get very sore same as your mouth.
    How are you going to like that you clown ?

  • What a frigin jerk you are, your certainly out the door your wife is not going to have anything to do with you when she has her girlfriend, hope your queer mate has his own digs and lets you move in or you will be in the gutter on your arse.
    What a fucking fool.

  • Not bi bi but bye bye, your wife is going to have a great relationship with her girlfriend and neither will want anything to do with you.
    You might be happy for a while with your new queer partner pumping your arse and sucking his cock but it will not be long and he will get a younger gay guy, you can then go down the park and suck filthy old poofs pricks till you get the pox.
    Glad your happy about everything you goose.

  • Your queer, it is fantastic having a wife that is having a full on Lesbian relationship and lets you fuck her as well but turning into a poof is just too disgusting for words

  • Sweet beginning to the end of your marriage. Enjoy the cock!

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