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Why does nobody comment lately?

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  • I'll tell ya, I've posted and commented. YEAH,it's true I have.

  • The site is dying. And it's little wonder. Time was when if you hit page advance, you got a new page of threads. Now you get the same threads again, possibly with one or two new posts at the bottom. And topic threads from years ago are being sent to the top of the list.

    Whoever runs the site should give these issues some attention.

  • I've read comments and I've not liked them, what can I do ?

  • Goddamn lie

  • No one is running it, it's just an algorithm.

  • Comment....satisfied?

  • ㅁk, кㅁmмㅌПт. sо ЩㅐДㅜ.

  • Sarcastic motherfucker

  • Only your mom

  • Уоцгs апd уㅇЦrsㅌlvеs уоЦ fЦскiп

  • Awe, wha' ? the f'u"@# was that koment ? about ?

  • I thought your penis got bit off by a horse

  • My penis

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