What is average for a black guy?

Im a black male in SoCal and I watch a ton of porn. It seems like every black guy in porn has a 10 inch dick and I really feel self conscious sometimes when I'm with a new partner sexually because I'm only like 7 3/4 inches. I am really thick tho but I usually hear the standard " Omg, it so so big" but I feel they are bs'ing me. How big is BBC in the real world? Thanks for your answers.

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  • You're larger than average for anybody ! They aren't bullshitting you.

  • Across all racial lines the average penis is between 5.2 and 6 inches that is just fact. All this bbc stuff is fantasy.

  • I’ve never found a man’s color to really make a difference

  • I had a thick 10 inch bbc in my mouth then ass the other day. He filled up my ass so good.

  • What is it like? I love looking at black Dick on the net. I wear panties and now I cd .I've always wanted a BBC to take my ass dose it hurt? Im still a Virgin cd .

  • I think it's BS that coloured guys have really big dicks however anywhere near 7" plus thick is a big cock

  • Your average for bbc. 👍🏾

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