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When I travel I usually host a few guys for a blow and go thru the week. I did this about a month ago now and it was really a lot of fun this time. I posted my ad and within minutes of it going online I received a response from a guy who really wanted a blow job. He had followed all my requests with a picture and stats so I messaged him back the details for my room and about a half an hour later I heard a knock on the door.
The first thing that made it interesting when I read his stats was that he was about 5'3" tall and he listed his cock size at just under 5" hard, I was thinking to myself there would be no issue at all sucking on him. I opened the door and sure enough he was short, I am six foot three and around two fifty and if this guy weighed one thirty it was with wet clothes on. He did what I wanted him to and undressed completely then laid down on the bed, I began licking and sucking on his cock and balls while he moaned out and told me that it felt really good. I usually suck cocks pretty hard, lots of suction and stretch them out until I hear a few deep breaths from the guy. I sucked him in deeply a few times then wrapped my lips tightly around the head and started pulling on him. He took it all as his cock stretched right out until I felt it sliding out of my mouth with a pop, he gasped when it fell back on him but told me that it felt great and do it again. He was gritting his teeth on the next one as I watched his face but when it popped out and slapped his torso he was smiling really big and told me that he had never been sucked so hard in his life. I looked at him and asked him what if I sucked on you for an hour, do you think you could stand it? I knew if I could talk him into tying off his hands to the bed frame I would be able to hold him down with my weight and suck on him until he was begging me to stop. I have only had one guy let me do this in about twelve years of sucking guys off and he lasted about half an hour. This guy seemed to really enjoy a hard sucking so I asked him if he would like to be tied down and sucking on until he could no longer stand it. He looked at me and asked how he could be sure that I would untie him, I told him look, I do not want any trouble I just get off on making guys orgasm multiple times. So if you tell me three is your limit then I will stop at three for sure or if you want me to keep going until I want to stop then I will keep going.
I could see the worried look in his eyes when I broke out my ties, I secured his arms at the elbows and wrists then ran one around his biceps and behind his head. He looked at me and told me that he could not believe it was so easy to tie his arms back like this, I laid down putting an arm over each leg dragging them to my body and he looked down at me wide eyed while I started licking his cock. I think it really sank in just how vulnerable he was because his gasps were a little more often then before and he was breathing pretty fast. I popped his balls out of my mouth a few times then did his cock again, he was really excited as I started long hard sucks from the base of his cock to the head. He lasted about three minutes and I felt his ejaculation hitting the back of my mouth, I kept right on sucking listening to him moan and gasp from all the stimulation. I went back down to his balls for a bit while the head of his cock stopped tingling a bit but when I went back up and sucked down he was gasping and twisting a little bit. I started giving him a fast hard suck because I really get off on the facial expression if anything, he knew he was one word away and I would stop but I told him if he used the word it was all over and I would untie him to get dressed and leave.
He really surprised me when he asked if I wanted to take it further, I stopped sucking on him and asked what he meant then went back to sucking. He told me that he wanted to be gagged and blindfolded and I could do this as long as I wanted to him. I told him that I would do that if that is what he really wanted to do, he told me he wanted to be totally powerless. I told him that he would have to come back tomorrow because I would need a few more things and he was going to do a video explaining exactly what he wanted me to do to him. I figured this would change his mind but he did not change it, I sucked him off a few more times then he left with a time to come back tomorrow.
He showed up right on time, we did the video and then I got a bag out of the closet with rope I had bought and prepared for him. He went right along with it and about ten minutes later he was bound to the bed with a blindfold and gag about to be sucked for as long as I wanted to do it. I took a few drinks from the ice cold water next to the bed then sucked his cock down, I had two water bottles sitting in the ice bucket chilling. I put a few ice cubes in my mouth and kept on sucking listening to him moan and squeal from it. HIs cock started going limp with the cold cubes rubbing up and down it, his first orgasm took well over ten minutes as I teased and chilled him.
I have to give him some credit because I sucked and stroked six orgasms out of him over about an hour and a half. He was moaning or squealing the whole time as I teased, tortured and sucked his cock and when I finished he told me that he had never been pleasured like that in his life but it was an awesome experience.

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  • Sounds like you really enjoy sucking cock.
    I’ve always been afraid of someone crazy into this being a creepy sicko

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