Moo says the cow

When I was young I was the first in my school to get boobs while the others were still flat-chested. I let anyone see and feel my tits and would flash and do nip slips to let strangers see me too.

I live in a kinda small town and quickly got a reputation. But when my age group got bored of me I started going to a couple closeby bars and flirting with the older men in town. I'd get free drinks and they'd play with my titties.

I got my perfect job when I turned 21 and started being a topless waitress at one of the bars. I was easily able to live off the tips and I had it made.

The one time I had sex with a customer was when a couple strangers were passing through town. They stopped at the bar and while I served them the wife asked if I'd have threesome sex with them if they paid me.

They spent the weekend at my apartment and I had sex nonstop with them. I didn't think about protection and sure enough a couple months later I was pregnant. They were long gone and I had to deal with it myself.

Fortunately the bar owners let me keep working and some of the customers would come in and give tips just to see the topless preggo waitress, especially as my tits got bigger and bigger. Some would joke that my titty tips would get bigger if I'd let them drink my booby juice after the baby came.

I had the baby and sure enough I had some regular customers including one of the bar owners who would pay me to squirt my milk on them or let them breastfeed off me.

When my daughter was two months old I gave her up for adoption because I didn't have time to be a mother with all the days and hours I had to work just to pay the rent and put food in my belly. But I kept milking because of the regular customers who I breastfed.

When the boob juice started drying up a customer and the bar owner suggested I be a saragette mother to get preggo again. I could make money from being pregnant for someone else and get my boob milk flowing again and it worked out real good.

The owner of the bar rented me the apartment above the bar and I make lots of money now doing webcams showing my belly and bouncing my big milky, squirty tits and I've been a saragette mother three times now so its kept it flowing.

I have a few men customers and a woman customer who pay to drink my milk from the boob and another woman who buys my milk for her twins so she doesn't have to breastfeed them.

My old school friends used to laugh at me but I have the last laugh. I have an easy job working in the bar. The walk to and from home is short LOL. I love having my boobs warshipped and getting sucked on alot. I'm popular and get to spend as much time as I want either in the bar or watching tv or doing whatever I want.

Like some of the bar customers say, this dairy cow became a cash cow! Haha!

Mar 30

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