Males wearing female body suits

My Mother in Law purchased a very nice sexy bright red body suit for me on special the other day, even though I have a nice compact package the front just did not cover me perfectly, usually off the rack panties are perfect, she was suggesting that she should return it but then came up with the idea of wearing it back to front "how great" that way I was very well covered no matter how I stood and had a thong type coverage of my bum it was just terrific.
Hope this helps some other straight males who love wearing and dressing FEMME.

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  • I can clearly understand my MIL and wife's sister used to always gift me lingerie or body suits but as you say the body suits did not totally cover and my nuts would just be seen on one side or the other, now everybody purchases lingerie or female wear from specific on line sissy/cross dresser stores always fits perfectly and is very durable

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