Neighbors girlfriend

My neighbor works the afternoon shift and one day a few months back his car was dead in the driveway. I found this out with a knock on my door and him pleading to help him out because he could not be late for work. I grabbed my keys and told him do not worry about jumping it I can drive you to work and then your wife and I can drop the car off to you later. He called me awesome and we hit the road to his workplace.
I returned back home and went over to his car, the battery was way past the expiration date so I pulled it out and took it up to the local parts place and picked up a new one. The car started right up and she was not his wife I found out from her, she thanked me immensely and gave me a hug. I did not hug her back because my hands were pretty dirty so she told me to come in the house and clean up. She is quite the hot woman with a pair of breasts that would stop you from doing what ever your doing to look at along with legs and a round butt this woman is perfect. I had no idea that in about half an hour I was going to be seeing all of her naked in my bed.
I washed up and she handed me a towel, then opened her arms again and told me okay now you can give me a hug. I hugged her quick but loved the feeling her body against mine, She asked me how much the battery costs and gave me some twenties then I grabbed my tools and headed back to my house.
I think it was only about ten minutes when I heard someone say hi from behind me, I was in my garage messing with a few things and she appeared in my doorway. I invited her in and she started asking me some more questions about the car and told me you know you only told me how much the battery was but you left out all the labor. She told me that she was willing to barter the labor after I told her that's what neighbors are for to help out now and then. I had my main garage door closed and looked at me and asked me what I would consider a good trade for my work, then in a southern voice she told me Oh sir, I do not have any money to pay you for repairing my car. I laughed at her humor but in the back of my mind I was thinking she had plenty of assets to give me and then as if she was reading my mind she lifted her shirt right up and over her head revealing her awesome breasts framed in a very pink bra that was pretty much see thru. She turned around and undid her jeans and slid them down revealing a matching thong with a really cute tattoo on her left cheek of a butterfly. She stepped out of her jeans and looked right at me then asked me if I had any ideas yet on a barter.
I decided that if she was willing I was way more than willing so I tried my best to speak and told her that perhaps we could discuss terms upstairs in my bedroom. She reached behind her back and undid the bra, she shook herself out of it then told me that we could work our way up there but for starters she was going to suck my cock right at my work bench. I leaned against it and watched as she undid my pants and dropped everything to the floor, her hands felt like silk as she stroked me a bit then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and began licking and sucking on it. My legs tightened right up and I took in a deep breath as she went on sucking on me. This woman was awesome about six ways and I had not even touched her yet.
She sucked me off unbelievably great in the garage then made a few comments about checking out my bedroom, I watched her ass sway back and forth separated by the pink thong going up the stairs. We walked into the master bedroom and she looked around telling me it was very nice but sort woodsy, whatever that meant I was to busy staring at those breasts to care. She was naked in a millisecond as I tossed her thong on the floor and began kissing my way up her legs past her completely waxed middle and onto those wonderful breasts and nipples. I kissed, licked and sucked her whole upper torso before planting my face between her thighs to discover one of the smoothest, sweetest tasting pussies in my life. We made love for quite some time with her climbing on top of me at one point and I got to lay there and watch those babies bounce away. She is as great a woman as any man could ever ask for in his life.
She let out a long moan followed by laughter as she came with yet another orgasm from me licking her sweetness and we both laid there for a few minutes before she told me that we should probably get his car over to him before it gets to late and besides we still have after dinner sex to look forward to tonight. I laughed and told her sure I am game.

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