Wife needs it

So I started a new job a couple months ago. I make a lot more money but working 3rds. Can't get on days for a couple years. Wife is used to sex like 3 times a week. I'd love to do it but I'm at work at night.

She texts me about a week ago and it said, "I need some dick." I say, "I know babe. These 3rds suck. Off on Saturday tho." I said, "Don't wanna wait till Saturday." I said, "Use a toy?" She said, "I want dick. Can I have a bf?" I said, "A boyfriend?" Now my wife and I are completely not jealous. She points out hot guys and tells me what she likes. I point out hot girls. Anyway, she said, "Not like dating and all that. Just a guy to come over and fuck me." I said, "Got someone in mind?" She said, "Yeah. Couple of guys at work that would jump at the chance." I said, "What if you decide to leave me for them?" She said, "Just sex. Just a few times a week. No love." I said, "This some sort of mind game? I say yes and we fight?" She said, "No game. Just have a guy come over and fuck me and he leaves." I said, "If you really want to, sure." She said, "For real?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "I want to hear you say I can." I said, "Why?" She said, "It's a turn on. Say it." I said, "I want you to." She said, "Want me to what?" I said, "I want you to fuck another guy while I'm at work. I also want pics while you're doing it."

It's been 8 days. She's had a friend from work over 4 times. Texted me right before saying, "Brad is here. Gonna fuck him. Love you baby."

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  • Got my wife to start dating, she loves the attention and the drama. She works out now, dresses sexier than ever, and turned into a great lover. She goes out on Wednesday nights after the kids have gone to bed and on Friday nights. The men love it because they know it’s just sex and fun.

  • My situation is really good for us. Wednesday and Friday nights are date nights, Thursday and Saturday she tells me all about her dates while she sucks me or we have sex.

  • Had a similar situation with my wife. I told her no frigging way she was going to fuck another dude. After a few days of arguing about it, we finally agreed that she could fuck our 13 year old son when I wasn't home, but only if I could fuck our 14 year old daughter any time I wanted. So far it is working out very well, no jealousy or other problems. We even have "family night" once a week where we all four get naked together and anything goes.

  • You just had to get gross

  • Why is that gross? I would much rather we keep it in the family than do it with total strangers who could have all sorts of STDs and potentialy be a threat to our marriage. And, of course, my wife and daughter are both on birth control, so no worry of an incest baby.

  • Whether she needs it or not you should be a man and let her experience something bigger and more experienced than yours.We were just engaged when moved into our first place together.She was 22 I was 24.We met our neighbour,a guy in his mid 30's.Nice guy we got on very well with him.He liked alot of sex by the sounds of it and seemed to be quite good at it.The walls were thin between our places and we sometimes heard more than just the sex noises but also the after pillow talk with quite often led to another round of sex.We would normally lay awake listening in the dark,sometimes giggling at the types of moans some of the girls would make.I knew it turned her on just laying there listening so when it went quiet I made my move on her and she didn't refuse.If only I was as good as him though.I would give her a little oral and she'd be so wet already but I was never that good at eating pussy.Then we'd fuck and normally I was done in about 15 minutes but some times id hold out till I got her cuming.We would have chats sometimes and I asked her onetime if she was curious about our neighbour.If he was that good in bed to make women moan so much or maybe he had a humongous dick?She laughed and said probably both.I then asked her if she'd ever try a guy like that out?She looked confused and asked how?I said I'd give her full permission to have sexual freedom one last time before we got married as she's only been with me.She asked if I'd really be ok with it?I said yes I would and may like to screw someone else if that's ok.She said she'd think about it.After a few days,we got in bed,had sex,I purposely finished before she orgasmed,then we lay awake chatting for an hour or so.I asked if she'd thought about our talk,she said she had but wasn't ready to answer yet.

  • Our neighbour came home,he had company and within half an our the action began.The young lady was moaning wonderfully and getting quite out of breath.The bed smashed against the wall I thought they would soon be in our room.She swore and blasphemed quite alot in the same sentence.He verbally encouraged her that he was gonna be making her cum soon.And of course she did,it was loud and prolonged and such an erotic turn on that I was now hard again.I knew my fiancé would still be horny so without warning I climbed onto her naked body and started fucking her. her.She was pleasantly surprised and
    willingly opened her thighs to receive me.While I banged her our neighbours continued and as the girl made sweet noises i whispered in my lady's ear if she wanted that to be her,if she wanted those moans to be escaping her body and to feel what she's feeling.The fucking and sexy talking were having an affect on her as she was making little sounds of her own and moving around a lot more than usual,almost losing control of her body.I kept it up as I was hitting the spot.I asked her again if she wanted to be fucked like that and I almost couldn't contain myself when she said yes.I said I'm glad to hear it and fucked her hard.I managed to carry on and make her cum.Once I was done I asked her again if she really meant yes and she said yes again but that I had to set it up.

  • More!

  • I found myself dealing with this very same thing, but the way it went was different. I found out my wife had cheated on me, from a friend of hers.
    I thought in my heart, I had a great marriage. I was not sure what to do, but we did not have sex for a week and she was asking questions.
    I realized it might happen again if I couldn't work things out in my head. So we went out for dinner one night and came home and had sex, but for almost all of it, I was thinking she had sex with some other guy. Before long I started pounding away, putting her in different positions. She was loving it.
    I woke long before her, and found that it was for some reason a big turn on to think of her getting laid when I was not there.
    Two things change for me, I way I thought my marriage was, and I would wonder if while I was at work she was getting laid. We started having sex more often, and I got her to start wearing tops that exposed her chest a good bit more, at first she was reluctant, but found it turned me on and I would take her home and pound her like never before, I would do her anywhere.
    It makes for now a great sex life, But what I thought we had before I know now was just in my head, that marriage was a story book for fools.

  • A strong marriage and healthy sex life can take anything and people think its a weak man who wants to watch his woman take another man but no its a strong man who's very much in love with his woman who will be willing to watch her enjoy another cock.

  • Your a lucky lucky man

  • Who?

  • The wife always needs it.Would love to be the man to do it but I'm not.Don't last all that long enough for her and not very big either.I end up using her toys on her.She likes very big dildos and vibrators.We've had pillow talk about her fucking another man.Its just talk.She won't admit it but I can see that it turns her on.I think it would be an exciting experience for both of us to be honest.Id be willing if she was 100%.

  • Something I found extremely erotic. It was my day off and chilling with the wife. She gets a phone call. Sounded like this. "Oh hey. What's up? Sitting here with my husband." I asked who it was. She said, "Brad." She said, "Yeah he's off today and tomorrow. Lol yeah maybe not a good idea." I said, "What's not a good idea?" She said, "He wanted to fuck me tonight." I said, "Oh you told him no?" She said, "I mean unless you're ok him fucking me while you are here." I said, "I dunno. May be hot watching you have sex." She said, "If you're gonna watch you gotta eat my pussy after he cums."

  • Incidently does your wife let Brad fuck her in the arse ?

  • I am allowed to fuck with a young well hung stud from work usually we have a RDO or go early together I advise my husband and he will stay away till Roy leaves if necessary, the only stipulation is Roy cannot do me anally that is the zone for my husband only plus I must clean all his cum from my mouth and vagina.
    All working real well we have been doing it for eighteen months now.

  • Well it's either go a long with it or they will cheat anyway.

  • Love it!!! My husband lets me enjoy myself too, but there's a catch, no swallowing and must use a condom. Neither of which I obey. He thinks I have sex once a month with a guy from work, but it's really with his boss, and I love when he takes pics of me (naked)

  • No catches here. She doesn't have him use condoms.

  • Yes its good that you could agree to let her have her sexual freedom or she'd just end up banging guys nonstop.I'm not too bothered with sex but I love my hot young wife so I gave her full permission to get laid elsewhere.

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