Her devotion

My father died when I was pretty young. My mother devoted herself to me after that, but over the years, I could tell she had a strange fixation with me. She started commenting on how much I looked like a younger version of my dad, how she'd do anything for me. Her voice and mannerisms tended to turn sexual when she was with me. And she's always been pretty attractive, so I took advantage one night when she came home tipsy from a dinner with friends. I seduced her. I started touching her. She didn't refuse, and we fucked.
We've been at it for years. I see other women, but my mom is the best fuck I've ever had. I also let her see other guys too, but before she does, I breed her. Just so she doesn't forget she's my bitch.


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  • When I was 13 I woke up one night to being sucked by my mother, we've never spoke about it but Its made me perverted and now I fantasise about fucking her

  • You mother fucker!

  • Sick loser's

  • Losers*

  • Jealous? You'd wish you had such good and subservient pussy.

  • My mom would come home drunk from her friends house a few doors down, come in my room in the dark telling me she was just checking on me. Most nights she would suck me off and she never said a word to me about it. She had probably done it a dozen times in two years so one night I was feeling pretty horny and I turned off my lights before she came in to tell me good night. I was naked laying on my bed when she came to the door and peeked in thru the door she asked me if I was sleeping in a whisper but I did not answer her. I guess she could see me with the light she was letting in the door because she stood there for a few minutes before leaving and closing the door. I was hoping for a sober cock sucking but no luck, I think it turned her on though because that weekend when she came home around midnight she sucked me dry for like an hour.

  • My step mom promised me that if I kept my grades up above a B average she would give me a blow job a week for a year. I think she figured that it would never happen but she gave great blow jobs.

  • Awesome. Closest I get is licking my moms pussy juice from her worn panties

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