Nothing better

Than being on my knees, hands tied behind my back with my head in between a guy or a shemale's legs. Their hand on back of my head with a hard cock in my mouth. Moving up and down on it with my wet lips wrapped around their shaft. Slobbering, moaning and having them slap my face with it while telling them I love sucking cock. Feeling the warm cum squirt on my face or in my mouth & swallowing it.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Filthy beast

  • No way to talk about your baboon mother.

  • My friend is short petite very fem looking (he actually passed a girl) and he was been dressing up for me since High School. First time was also in his older sis old cheerleader outfit. I had been with girls in school, but at 17, he was 15 he dressed up and blew me and then later that night I fucked his ass. I was done with girls.

    His mouth is better than any girls. And is ass is super tight better than any pussy and I can cum in him.

    12 years later completely in love with my sissy boi. He got tits nice B cups at 18.

  • Uh huh, I was 13 and all dressed up in my sister's sundress and matching panties when the older boy who lives next door made me all girl by fucking me my first time. That was two years ago and I love him still and he loves me.

  • God, you are SOOOOOOO right. There truly is: NOTHING BETTER in all of life than that!!

  • I like getting dolled up and blowing guys in public, where they don't know I'm a dude. Preferably in a dress; I did it in my sister's cheerleading dress when I was in college, a lot of guys have gotten a kick out of that. Most guys have told me I give the best head they've ever had, too.

  • I bet you do!!! Damn!

  • Such utter BS from another loser.

  • Bunch of BS from a dude that eats his own shit.

  • YOU do, Harold!

  • C’mon Petunia, your days of molesting toddlers will soon be over with your hanging.

  • I'm not at all interested in this with just a guy, but I've been there with more than one trans and having her smack my face with it while she screams out "suck my clit, you fucking bitch, suck it deep", and i have done just that, repeatedly. I have also been with one very special trans who has me drink her golden nectar while I'm down there servicing her. As I sit here now I can taste that.

  • Your just a really queer arsehole

  • Making love with a trans do not make you gay. They are their own gender!

  • Another idiot that thinks an operation changes a man to a woman or vice versa. Clearly, Physiology was not a subject on your GED Exam.

  • With a trans, they aren't being changed "from" or "into" nothing. They were trans to start with and that's what they staying. They are beautiful.

  • They are mental train wrecks and deserve being slaughtered.

  • So you want me don’t you?

  • Yes, because everyone wants to be HIV+.

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