Started gay. Ended straight

My cousin and I messed around a lot when we were younger. He popped my anal cherry when we were 15. He went really slow is the only reason I could do it. I tried to stop several times but he was persistent. I can only remember it hurting like helll. God it burned. For hours.
Then it kind of became regular. He just treated me like his fucktoy. Blowjobs before school, anal after. His cock was massive. Double my size.
Then He got a girlfriend. I got jealous.
I can still remember my first taste of pussy was from his cock. And I loved it. His pubes were still wet from her pussy and I just lapped it up while jacking him. Trying to make him hard again. Made me so horny I started jacking myself and came in seconds.
That’s when I knew I was straight. I was ok with sex with him. We were best friends and always horny. But PUSSY was what I needed.
He broke up with his girlfriend and I immediately went after her. Took 2months to finally get in her pants and she was just disappointed. She didn’t hold back either. Told me how much bigger my cousin is. She thought I’d be more like him. Talked about how it felt like he was still moving inside her hours after they’d fucked.
I didn’t tell her, but I knew that feeling exactly.
Anyway, I married a gal who had been hurt by a dude with a big dick. (I know that feeling too) She loves my size. Says it’s perfect.

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  • I fucked my cousin. We were always together on our family farm. Camping out and stuff. He was horny all the time and was always finding porno mags or something He asked if he could suck me. Then he climbs up and tries to sit on my dick. It was Not wet enough so he starts rubbing precum from his cock onto mine. He goes back and forth rubbing precum onto my cock, my cock onto his asshole. Finally he’s wet enough and sits on me.
    It was so hot. So tight. I can remember the heat feeling like it’s burning me. I reached his cock and start rubbing him. He starts breathing really hard and pumping his cock into my hand, my cock into his ass. We both came at the same time. We were fuck buddies through high school.

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