My late night things I do

As always I am spending time with the company that I call music.yes it's true I do enjoy music. I guess I'll say my romantic fantasy can be described based on what I've read about,I'm not sure how to go about such a thing really.of the few times I have been intimate with a woman I was being shy and not sure about what they wanted me to do to them as sex you would call it,the oral part I know but what area of their bodies to begin with, I am not sure. I would like to start at the feet and slowly work my way up to their heads,but I guess they were satisfied with how I started at the belly and worked my way down and then back up to their heads.

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  • I think I know this guy he likes classical music

  • Please don't comment

  • He loves Hilary Duff

  • I love Hillary Duff, she's okay

  • Guð fjandinn hún er góð

  • He likes Type O Negative

  • "Creepy Green Light" yeah that's an okay song

  • Hrollvekjandi Grænt Ljos

  • Grüseliges Grünes Licht

  • Lumière Verte Effrayant

  • Lеt mе add one thing the song is (because I know) "On the road to romance"

  • Pergola Romance song

  • Hilary's good федератйон!!!

  • I would want to give hilary a good lick all over her backside

  • Sweet as candy, or sweet ass candy ?

  • Хе'с тхе мотхерфуцкиг греатест,годдаммит ¡ йах, ъ'алл мотхерфуцкерс дон'т кнов, годдаммит ¡ анд И ам, годдаммит, ¡ тхе греатест ¡ схе'с тхе греатест ¡ хиларъ дуфф ис тхе греатест... годдаммит

  • No no no I know this guy he likes Spanish guitar music too

  • I would say I don't know what it means but I would have to say I would ask her first and if she said it's okay I would tell her "Ne parle pas" ? |and I would orally romance her (at least for an hour)

  • Ne parle pas, sweet music is sweet song yes

  • Коммент он тхйс ношл шлй дон'т йоу!!!

  • ГООД ГУЪ ОУГХТ ТО КНОВ СОМЕТХИГ, хе доес'нт кнов вхо'с цомментинг

  • Ложе, ложе, ложе'с

  • И'м окай ригхт нов. и'м окай. и'м окай. и'м феелинг а лот беттер ригхт нов. thanks josерн.

  • This guy is okay (okei) he might say he is olen kunnossa meaning I am okay

  • Kunnossa

  • Yeah that's the kind of thing that's okay it is

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