Girlfriends friend

My gf’s friend is staying over and I have the biggest desire to make her cum. I’ve fantasized about putting my mouth on every part of her sexy body but especially between her legs. I often find myself eating to know the scent of her and how she tastes when she cums. I would make her squirt all over my face before I even entered her. I know it’s wrong but that’s what truly makes it so hot. I’d love to wake up with her sitting on my face. Or even riding me as she put her panties over my face.

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  • Find out what she loves from your girlfriend without making it obvious. Slowly make comments that build her up.
    If you rush into it she will catch on. Make her feel like she’s so important. Let her catch you checking her out.Dont be afraid to make a move on it

  • Awesome advice. Thank you

  • Tell us what her friend is like. How different is she from your girlfriend

  • She’s a bit more meek than my gf that is the mother hen type. She’s so beautifully broken in all of the right ways. She doesn’t believe in herself just yet and I’d love to see her change that. I genuinely love my gf’s bf and want to see her love her life. That doesn’t change the fact that I want to make her cum again and again. Nothing against my current gf. She’s great but I strongly desire to make her friends body shudder in front of me. She’s not runway model beautiful. She’s girl next door beautiful. I prefer that. And to have her let me do the things I want to her would make my day. She deserves a good orgasm. I just happen to have imaging it since I met her. I can’t wait to see her again. Maybe she will sense my desire and help me make a secret only we know about.

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