Muscles Make Me Weak, Even at Work

Oh where do I begin? It was an innocent Friday before Columbus Day and I just wanted it to be 4 PM so I could start my three-day weekend. There was barely anyone in the cubicle farm and one of my co-workers was talking to a male co-worker in the cubicle next to mine. I don't remember the conversation other than them talking about their plans to go to Punta Cana (not together, though), but I mentioned doing kickboxing. My male co-worker John or (Jon or whatever, I think of the spelling John in my head) said he's not going to mess with me. Good idea!

So after Ms. Going to Punta Cana on Her Birthday leaves John's cubicle, I walk a foot or two to John's cubicle to tell him that I also know how to do elbow strikes, knee strikes, chokeholds, and takedowns. He reiterated that he's not going to mess with me. While talking about how one of my kickboxing coaches is recovering from his hernia repair surgery, John was telling me how he's had hernias before from weightlifting, though it was never bad enough for surgery.

He then said he might seem like a weak nerd (he doesn't look weak, but you never know who works out or not since, you know, you have to wear clothes to an office job), but he's strong. He let me feel his arm and although I knew it was big because his long sleeve is clinging to his flexed bicep, I wasn't prepared for how hard his arm would be. He wanted me to really squeeze his arm for some reason, so I got to feel his arm again and comment on how hard his arm is. He told me he worked out at the gym the day before and he can bench press 225 pounds (metric translation: more than 100 kgs).

Too bad he had to call his realtor and I never saw him again before leaving work for the weekend. Another co-worker was looking for him too and since John's container from his lunch was still there, we didn't think he left yet. I passed by one of his usual phone call spots when I was leaving, but he wasn't there. I was turned on for the rest of the day and all night. Sleep relieved me from my arousal and constant wetness. Heck, even talking about his bicep days later on here is making me wet.

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  • So it turns out his shortened name is Jon. Didn't know that until now.

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