Worst thing I have ever did

I installed a security system in our new house and it was the worst thing I could have done. I never knew my wife was cheating on our marriage with three other men and she had no clue the extent of the security system. She thinks it just warns us if someone breaks into the house in the night but it also records the coming and going of people and if I want to I can record about four days worth of running video. I do not have cameras set up in our bedrooms but I did put two of them monitoring the living area and one viewing the kitchen into the dining room.
I began recording days of video capture after I saw my wife talking with a man I did not recognize sitting in the kitchen area having coffee with her. She was still in her sleepwear and was not wearing a robe, after a while they both went upstairs so I surmised what was going on after he visited quite a few times. I was recording days that he would come over then one day got quite the eyeful on the living room cam has they both had sex together right on the couch. I was really torn about it because she was not ignoring me at all and quite often we had sex twice a day, she really enjoyed it and some mornings she gives me either a hand or blow job and tells me she just wants to get my day off to a great start. She seems really happy and never complains about anything so why would she have lovers over and risk blowing our marriage up.
I decided that I would catch her in the act but in a subtle way, I would come home unexpectedly after I saw her lover arrive at the house. I would wait downstairs while they were having a great time in whatever bedroom they went to having sex then see how it all unfolded. Well it all blew up in a totally different way than I expected, I did not even raise my voice to the both of them as they came downstairs and I watched her kiss him good bye at the front door, neither one of them even seeing me sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen. She screamed like I was a stranger when she turned and walked into the kitchen from the front door and yelled oh my god, how long have you been home? I told her about an hour or so she walked upstairs and came down with different clothes on and left the house. I finally got a hold of her two days later only to find out she is fine with a divorce and I can keep everything. I tried explaining to her that I was not mad at her I just wanted to understand why she was doing it but she did not tell me anything and now a year and half later I am wishing I never installed the system and found out she was cheating.

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  • You were just providing her with a lifestyle. She had no respect for you to continue with all the men. When I found out my wife was fucking her boss, I asked her “is this the end?” She begged and pleaded that it was no longer going on. However, I’m not stupid.
    One morning I told her that I would be working late and not to wait up for me. I parked my car in the woods and walked towards my house. Immediately I could hear her moaning and saying “fuck me harder, faster”. Man you should have seen the look on her face when I opened the bedroom door. I wasn’t mad at her boss as he was a coward and ran out. I was mad at my wife for cheating.
    We eventually divorced. She tried to get back together with her boss, but he broke it off with her too. Now she lives alone and I have since remarried to a wonderful older woman.

  • Fuck her. she is a cunt. get on with your life and never look back and don't give her the pleasure of wasting any time in self pity or misery. Get out there in live like a champ.

  • No way man, you did the right thing. Yes, it hurts to lose someone you love, but she didn't love you, so you're saving yourself from a worse fate. The fact that she's leaving you everything is super awesome. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" as they say

  • Too hard on ur self she’s wrong just cuzz she eats a good dick she’s still a whore

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