My friends mom Josie

This all goes back to my high school days. I was 13 and I met this dude named Kyle. His mom Josie was super hot. About 35 years old, and had a wicked ass. Once in a while I would spend the night on the weekends. Her room was right next to the room I would sleep in and I would jerk off thinking about her each night I spent there. I left the door open one night as I was jerking off, and I think she might have saw what I was doing as she walked by the room (I'm hoping so anyways) I've been thinking about fucking her all the time since meeting her, I'm 25 now and my dick has gotten much bigger then my teenage years. If I ever find myself spending the night with them again, I'll be sure to fuck her, I know she would love it. Such a hot body on her. Sexy milf. I want her to suck me off.

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  • If Mrs. Adams would figure out who it was already that wrote this. I talk with her a lot over facebook. Always call her beautiful.

  • Just go after her if your this age now. If your cock has gotten much bigger than a better reason to hit her up. She may be waiting for that big cock chance. You may finally get your wish

  • I wish she would come to my city.

  • I speak with my friends mother from time to time. I tell her she's beautiful. I just can't tell her how badly I want to fuck her. Oh my God her booty fine.

  • I slept with my gf's mom when I was 16 -- let me tell you, it is absolutely true what they say when they say married moms fall into that routine where marriage is boring and they're taken for granted, and they regularly fantasize about breaking free of the doldrums, especially with a teen male who's always ready "to go". She was super kinky, too - even gave me ideas of things to try on her daughter! It's been 30 years later now and I still fondly remember these days!

  • I too have a son around your age, and one day his friend was bold enough to keep after me then one day I caved in. It’s our little secret and he’s hung like a horse and knows how to use it.

  • I have a son around your age. His friends were always so horny and dirty. I only fucked one of them, because he was bold enough to corner me one day. He let me know he wanted to fuck me, and pestered me until I didn’t stop him anymore. If you want to fuck her, try that.

  • Damn that sounds about how women are. Ask enough, be bold enough and you’ll eventually get it. I’m sure he was the handsome out of the bunch. That’s usually how it only works My luck... I’d be reported to her husband and my family and feel like shit the rest of my life

  • She lives far away from me. I tell her to come see me but her family keeps her there. I wish she would take a visit away from them so we can fuck all day and night. She drives me crazy thinking of that body.

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