So many little panties

Ever since I was a little boy I was very sexual and loved to feel myself and I dont remember how I started but I started wearing panties I would remember they where my sister in-laws panties then I started feeling that they where just a little too big because I was really young and there where no other girls in the house except my little niece she was around 4 or 5 because my mom was in jail at the time I was around 10 or 11 when I started but my neice was too little so I just used my sister in laws and my mom's since she had a whole dresser with lingerie and womens under clothing so I thought if my brothers wifes panties why not my mom's and my mom would never notice since she was gone my sister in-law's panties where mainly justregular cotton panties she was a size 8 and my mom was smaller usually medium or small sized panties since she only wore silk granny style panties and some not many a bit lacy sort of conservative I would wear both of they're panties only until my neice started growing a bit at around 6 or 7 that her panties where a bit bigger now size 6 in a little girls size so I finally got in them a bit tight but they fit so I would steal hers too and masturbate with either one all the time to get off I kept getting more when I would go to my grandma's house as well I had two aunts there one skinny and not yet old at the time and that aunt had two daughters and two sons and I would use my cousins panties as well around the same age as my niece and also any other girls panties I could steal and wear only sometimes I would put them back usually I would get them used that way they wouldnt notice I would use them but when everybody would go grocery shopping I would get them clean and sometimes put them back before they got back I loved doing all of this but don't get me wrong I would get caught every now and then with my stash one time my sister in-law caught the ones I had that where like around 15 of them and where only hers and my mom's thank God I didn't have any of my niece's in that stash at the time nothing happend they just took them away and she just had a talk with me with her and my bro beacuse they where my parents
Basicly, when my mom was in jail and they just told me it was wrong and that I should stop doing it and she just washed them and put them back in her and my mom's drawers also again when I was like 12or 13 I had like 50 pairs of everyone my mom's, sister in-laws,my aunt's, niece's, my cousins and any other girls house I might have been close by because my aunt grandma my little cousins and my older aunts all lived in the same house so I lived there on and off or go for the summer and all the girls would shower in the same restroom my grams house only had one restroom and when I would take a shower I would lock the door and have my way with anybody's panties except my grandma's or my older aunta because they where older and on the big side and I liked smaller sized panties and well my younger aunt was skinny too she always had panties xs or just little thrown all over her room floor along with my cousins ad well they where very messy and I would have my choice there to and anyways well I would put them in a back pack I had when I would travel and one day I got home from school and when my grandma was cleaning my cousins room who I was staying with to sleep she found the back pack and she told me it was wrong for me to do that and she called everyone that she thought I might have gotten those panties from and she threw them all away in the dumpster after that she just scolded me a bit and that was it its like it had never happened and when I was 14 in the summer between when I was 13 and 14 because I'm a July baby , my mom got out of prison and I moved to a different town and I took panties with me and when we would go visit family members I would steal more to collect again around 16 or 17 I came out honest with my mom and told her everything I had to do with panties of older and younger girls she was completely fine with it and told me it was my choice what I wanted to wear and she would even take me shopping for some sometimes when we could get away from my step dad for awhile and well my real dad was never really around much my mom wouldn't really care what kind I wanted she would just let me pick she didnt care if they where little girl panties or regular panties as long as I was happy a couple of times I modelled the panties she would buy me at my request any type and she would just tell me that they would always say they looked just a little on the tight side but she knew thats how I liked em and ahe knew what I would do while I wore them and what they're purpose was over the years plenty of my girlfriends knew I would tell them after trusting them and never once got put down by either one of them they all just loved me just tge way I was. Some would get into it with me or give me a few of there's or any of they're family members I asked them for. And one of my girlffriends and ive had a lot, was a bit skinny same age as me she would put on my panties as well at my request even the little panties and we would have s.. While she wore them sometimes even all day or to school that was so hot. When I would get a new girlfriend my mom would always ask me after a while if my girl at the time knew about my fetish and usually by the time she would ask they already did most of them anyway. When I was living with my mom at on point I went to live with my dad for like 3 months and my sister was living their at the time as well shes like 6 years older than me and had a son and daughter and my step mom lived their too I would use all of theyre panties my neice was like 5 but a little chubby so she wore like size 6 and 8 in little girl panties my sis was a size 8 and my step mom was a medium she was kinda small bodied for her age when I went back home with my mom I went straight to visit my grandma for like 6 month stay and I aquired even more panties then I went back home to my mom's and by some time later I had around 350 pairs I loved em my mom knew but she didnt mind at all like I said as long as I was happy but th out of all of them the little girl panties where always my favorite wearing them and getting off with them was an every day thing sometimes 5,6 or more times a day sometimes I would get a pair that I really like and wore them all day then when I was 21 I found my awsome wife I told her about my fetish and shes been okay with it for the moat part even the little girl panties well she has two sons and a daughter she's around 11 to 12 years older than me and the oldest being her daughter she let me bring my panties over and let me wear them around the room whenever I pleased that's why our door is usually locked she lets me keep the panties in my drawers or hers doesn't matter she'll even wash them for me when they are dirty shes a little on the big side so I dont use her panties well every now and then she's gone somewhere or at work and I miss her and I use hers also since she knows I little little girl panties we've gone to her friends at a bqq and she has 2 young daughters and my girl has looked threw her friends dirty clothes in her restroom and steal a pair or two for me she has also gotten me panties that where her little nieces shes a little chunky so her panties where still the perfect size on me like I like em just a little tight I'm not very big nor fat at all so I they fit just fine to me she is only 5 or so and since her daughter is growing fast and in and out of clothes she can wear when ever her daughter decides to let go of her panties she leta me keep them or her tights too she's 15 at the time but when I got with her she was only 11 or ten but I would never touch her its just the fact that theyre are a young girls panties me and my wife have had crazy awesome s.. With me getting to wear panties or tights or both while we make love its amazing and I get to tell her all about how I started and I c.. Quicker I'm 26 now and I wouldn't change my girl for the world I'm sorry for all you guys out there that Can't tell ur girlfriend or wife's that I wear panties much less enjoy them with her good luck on finding that one trust me once u do I'll never wanna leave her side I work out of town but I await the day like crazy when I can go back home every time even thoe I don't use them all the time because sometimes she just likes it normal just the fact that I can wear them around her is enough to drive me wild she's so supportive and I can basicly tell her anything I trust her with my life its funny because she always thinks I'm cheating when I go out of town or when i use the truck to go into town for too long but what she doesn't know is that I could never expect anyone to do or accept what she does I'm a lucky guy if u ask me so why cheat on luck right?she has no idea that I would never want to leave the person that can fulfill my fantasies and make me so comftrable with myself in bed well thats my story hope y'all enjoyed reading it

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  • You have an awesome mom, and your wife is one in a million.

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