My first gay experience

Me and my neighbor in early teens went camping one weekend right before the last weekend of summer.My girlfriend was about to come home a few days later after spending the summer away with her real dad.Stephanie was a thick 5’f 6 inch blonde cheerleader. Her ass was her greatest asset and manny guys considered me extremely lucky. We were sneaking out to have sex so we were having sex at least once a week.
That camping trip was the first time I experienced another cock. I never expected it & could not believe how it unfolded. We were both in our tent and talking about girls in our school including my girlfriend Stephanie. He was asking bout how much sex we had and I started feeling horny. We had taken some liquor and the talk hot pretty dirty.
Once we were in our tent and about to go to sleep I noticed his hand reaching for my crotch. At first I couldn’t believe it, him actually touching me but I had been extremely horny from my girlfriend being gone. He was rubbing my Cock through my shorts so well I was unsure if I even wanted him too stop. I was afraid but I still let him continue to rub my cock. It wasn’t long before his hand found its way inside my shorts. I knew it was wrong it was happening so fast. It wasn’t long before I felt him move down then felt his warm mouth sucking on my cock. He was good, so freaking good I couldn’t stop him if I wanted. He knew exactly how to keep me from rejecting. He knew how to suck my cock way better than Stephanie.He sucked my balls as he gently stroked my cock. I was rock hard after sucking for about 15 minutes when I noticed he pulled down his pants and put my hand in his very hard cock. I couldn’t believe the difference in size. He was so totally hard and his cock had to be at least 8-9 inches. He cock had to be wrist thick.
I remember touching his cock felt so much powerful than mine. I was totally excited about it. While touching it, my mind focused on Stephanie. The thought of her taking his huge cock had my cock dripping so much cum .I decided to go down on him and tried to get the head in my mouth but it was so thick it almost felt uncomfortable. I managed to get the head in and did the best I could.
Before long he started to rub his huge cock between my ass cheeks. After a while I wanted it in me. He positioned himself but it was way to huge to fit.
I wanted to see what it felt with him inside of me. He tried and tried. I even whispered fuck me just be careful.He tried but couldnt so I told him I would like to see Stephanie take his huge cock. He told me he would do anything I wanted. We talked lustfully about how she would enjoy it. I told him about Stephanie asking about what I see in the locker rooms etc. It got her excited. I knew she thought about bigger cocks but I never pushed the situation. I knew she wouldn’t reject fucking a bigger Cock like his. It wasn’t long before discussing that he blasted a very huge load in my mouth. He stated he would love be a threesome.
We both felt asleep and next night we drank again and Stephanie’s name came up again.
When Stephanie finally came home we snuck off to fuck and when fucking I told her about seeing Jesses cock. I told her he’s hung like a horse. I asked her if i set up a camping trip she could see for herself. I even asked her if she wanted to touch and play with it and she said yes! We all met a few later for a one night camping trip weeks lat the same location.
All her friends wanted to come and I said no. Seeing her take Jesses cock was the hottest thing ever. She fucked him slmost the entire night and I was only able to go down on her while she touched and sucked him

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  • I love stories of gfs etc fucking others

  • I had a similar experience when I was a young teenager. Only difference is, when he reached over and grabbed my crotch, I decked him with a right cross and knocked three of his teeth out. Little faggot never tried that again.

  • You sound like you are overcompensating for something you hate about yourself.

  • Yeah right and you were done for assault.

  • Right. You sucked his cock. I know who you are and all about it

  • Tell me ?

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