Should I tell my wife?

I really need to have gay sex. I'm not gay but I really feel the overwhelming desire to try it. I'd be fine of she were present but I can understand that might be an off putting ask.

She and I hardly have sex anymore because her sex drive has taken a serious dive. We've talked about it some but she finds it difficult to open up about it. It's really hard on me and while I can imagine it's difficult for her as well, I get the impression that she doesn't care either way about our dying sex life.

I don't want to cheat with other women, I want to have non committal gay sex with men, safely.

Should I tell her or just go out and find some guys that are willing to bottom me very hard?

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  • Strap on she happy and in control and your fantasy of male sex is being taken care of role play game

  • Yes, you ARE gay. straight men do not have any desire to be with another man. That's probably why your wife has lost her sex drive, she probably realizes, at least on a subconscious level, that she married a fag, and, like most women, she has no desire to fuck a homosexual man. You should tell your wife, get a divorse, and come out of the closet. It will be better for you and your wife both.

  • No, I'm not gay at all. I just want to take multiple cocks in my ass and mouth while my wife watches. Why do you insist that's gay? Have you seen gay sex? Are you telling me it doesn't look like it feels good? Don't you ever masturbate thinking of getting used by a bunch of men? it's completely common for a straight guy to think about this. My wife agrees.

  • Tell your wife I want the same thing she's vary cool about it have her talk to my wife I have sucked some cocks she don't know about I really want one in the bum dildo is not cutting it and cunning in my panties is getting old

  • She wants to watch. We have no idea how to make it happen but she definitely wants to be there to watch. It has to be a well built, hung guy. she told me two or three would be hot.

    NOT the response I expected. What have I gotten myself into? It was nerve wracking bringing it up and she comes back with this?

  • She didn't eve get mad. she was shocked and was king of quiet for a night, came back to me the next day with this. Then we had great sex. Now I'm beginning to think she's making plans for herself in all of this. Kind of scary

  • That’s hot. Lots of women like to see hubby get drilled by some cock

  • I want to film it somehow. if it doesn't look horrible I'll show her. Now we have to figure it out. There's a gay club in the next county.

  • I told my wife, she in return slept with my brother, friends, some co-workers, and my boss, and told everyone I'd rather sleep with men than her

  • Then what? Did you kick that skank out of the house?

  • You are definitely gay

  • Maybe. I can handle that. probably bi, though, if we had to name it

  • Yuppy do, you sure do need to tell her so she has a choice in all this. she has a steak in the matter about her sexuality and sexual needs and the marriage and its not all about you, you know.

  • It’s stake, steak is a fat juicy dad cock full of cum.

  • I've been taking cock up my butt since my cute little preteen years. First all of them were boys and entering my teen years wanted in my underpants and pert pink cheeked not pussy. I was very popular and met my wife when I was seventeen and we got married at twenty. Well, I've still maintained a relationship with an older gay couple, my wife's cool with it too!

  • Doesn't matter who or what you're fucking, if the wife doesn't know, it's still cheating.

  • Yeah, I guess I should tell her. She's said I should get a lover. I don't think this is what she meant but somehow it might be easier for her to accept.

  • Lots of older men take gay lovers when the wife’s hooch gets all dried up. Just let her know it’s for sex and you don’t want a divorce. She can go to knitting or book clubs and you and a bud can go have sex and see a ball game. Such an arrangement is quite common.

  • I wonder how a nice but non social guy gets a regular hookup with a like minded guy. should I go to a gay bar and see what happens? The last thing I want is to be in a relationship with a dude. beers and fucking would be great, though.

  • That IS a relationship, just not the same as your wife. Do that or go to a glory hole

  • Face it yer gay

  • Nah, I don't think so. I choose to look beyond such simplicities. but if I am, so I am. still don't want to love a dude, I just want the cocks

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