I am hooked on cheating wife and cuckold stories. Mostly the ones that are humiliating. I love the thought of my boss or someone I know fucking my wife. Not just fucking her but humiliating me about it. Knowing that I lick her well-used cunt after. Stopping over to our house to fuck her no matter who is there. My family or friends seeing her go upstairs to fuck as I just sit there. Everyone sees I am a cuck. I would really love for them to use me and my wife together. taking pictures as they humiliate me to show and post on the internet.

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  • When it comes to my virgin fiancée, I’m the same way, minus my family knowing. I really want to be absolutely humiliated by someone I hate taking my fiancée’s virginity. I want to be brutally humiliated by permanently losing the chance to be her first because the first dick she let enter her pussy was my rival. The extreme levels of jealousy, humiliation, and emotions would be matched by lust and horryness. This is the only thing that can make me get off.

  • Same fantasy here, my friend. I think about my wife having casual sex with the neighborhood hubbies, her male co-workers, our insurance agent, you name it. I like the one twist you put on this (very common) fantasy--i.e., having other men stop by the house to fuck your wife while you're home. THAT got me ROCK HARD just thinking about that happening at our house. I also have fantasies about watching my wife getting gang-banged by 5-6 guys. And the better hung they all are, the better. Anything's got to be better than my little boy 5" so-called cock, right?

  • Start off by taking her to a dance club. Walk up to guys and have them dance with her. Chances are the less you pay attention to them the guys will take the bait and flirt with her. Then whisper in his ear.. she’s all yours as long as you can convince her to leave and I get to watch

  • Good suggestion trying to get my wife to start fucking other men thanks for the suggestion

  • Personally I can't really think of anything worse. But, who the fuck am I?

  • Describe your wife and tell me how fast you cum

  • What potential do you see for any of this happening?

    Are you comfortable sharing your wife's sexual habits and preferences? Also, what are her internet habits?

    Give this a read [ ] and consider with what alpha males in her life could you share this as an indication of your willingness to work with him to seduce your wife.

  • Be careful what you wish for, you may not like the final results! I have had to wear T-shirts with "cuckold" printed on them as I take my wife to the mall and help her shop. Many people grin and giggle and she has been propositioned right in there with me.

  • You "had" to where them? Okay.

  • Does your wife know your fantasy , Also what's your wife like , Describe her age looks body how she dresses what she likes sexually it will make you feel good .

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