I started smelling panties early

I started sniffing panties when I was about 8. I would hear my mother having sex across the hall with guys that brought her home. I could hear her moaning and as I grew more curious I would stand outside her door. The sound of him pushing in and out of her wetness and finally the way she would exclaim "Oh God you're making my pussy cum!!!" Would have me hard evem at that age. She was a squirter and I witnessed it a few times through the cracked door. I guess that's why I learned to make all of my gfs squirt. It's so hot to me. I didn't desire my mother but I had a strong desire to smell and taste her pussy. One day I happened into her hamper and from then on her panties were often against my face as I masturbated while listening to her orgasms. I would wait until I heard her starting to whine before she cums and then I would taste her gusset as she let loose her orgasm. She never knew. Ever since then I have loved panties and the secrets of a woman's taste and scent that they hold. If a girl is attractive, I have an urge to get at her panties. I especially enjoy the ones I shouldn't such as my gf's sisters and friends wives.

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