Racist white men vs. Black Girl

Are there any racist white men out there who secretly want to fuck a black girl?

I have a submissive fantasy about being used by a group of racist white men who are lustful of my body, which is slim waisted and firm. I'm [not actually open to this, stranger danger] but very curious to know if you're this kind of person what you would do with me if you ever had the chance. oxo

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  • I am not a racist either however I do like dark meat. I left my wife for a black women. Best sex I ever had. Lovely woman. Since then I have slept with maybe two dozen women all black. Once you go black their is no reason to go back.

  • Hey I am not a racist but if it helps me get a piece of beautiful black ass I will call you anything under the sun. I love fucking black women they are so damm hot.

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