How Long Will She Suffer?

I have posted in the past but without having a profile so there is not a record of my situation but here it goes..... MY WIFE SUCKS!

Actually, she doesn't suck, I wish she did. Her sex drive has diminished to what I thought was completely gone but I was wrong. I usually get some after being persistent for a while but I have pretty much thrown in the towel and stopped pursuing her. So after about 4 months of totally ignoring her sexually she has started making comments about "wanting sex, it sure has been a while, you must be cheating" etc. WTF, we are not little kids sweetheart, if you want to fuck then make it happen...... Why wait for me? Not sure why you are, I told you 4 months ago that I am done being the go getter in our sex lives, and that you can have sex anytime, any day, just come on in and get it..... BUT YOU never do! You have woken up many mornings to me licking your lips and thighs yet you have never rolled over onto my cock to start my day right. Yes I may be being a bit childish but the hell with it, she's not all that great in bed anyway so it is easy to stick to masturbation. Hell, I have not finished in her in years due to her fear of pregnancy, doesn't like the feeling of it coming out later, taste (not that shed know as she's never let me cum in her mouth) and so on and on and on and on...... SO fuck it, masturbating is exactly the same as banging you my dear except theres no BS attached :)

Now that I got that out of the way my questions for the ladies are:

How long till you go completely nuts and either cheat or bang the shit out of your hubby PROPERLY?

Do you wait for your man to initiate or do you go get it?

Is it really a nasty feeling when cum drips back out?

If your man asks you to be a little fun and throw on something dirty one day, would you? OR, would you say "why, just gonna take it off anyway, might as well stay in my granny jammies"

GEEZ, I just re read this and I am pathetic for staying LOL! Guess I don't want to pay alimony :( Wish there was a dripping wet woman to sit on my face right now..... good night.


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  • There is a lot of frustration in your post, dear. It basically sounds like you are punishing her for not initiating sex with you, and that's a bad plan. Why? Someone is eventually going to flirt with her and she's going to say "Wow, this person is friendly, unlike my bitter, spiteful husband," and she is going to have an affair. I'm not sure if I'd blame her too. You should seek a marriage counselor asap.

  • She is and was probably having an affair all this time already. She only started asking about sex because he isn't begging for it .Now she is projecting, accusing him of cheating . There are very few reasons one partner just stops wanting sex. Poor health, emotional issues, stress and the top of the list cheating.

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