Anyone from PH?

Any one here from Philippines that are willing to share their freaky, hot, naughty, weird or even incextous sex stories. I am more than willing to hear them. I have an open mind to anything. Let me know and I'll drop my email.

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  • Gogonolasozo

  • What?


  • Orlando?

  • Yes?


  • I spent two years over there in the 80's and came back with a wife which turned out to be the best thing in my life. She was then and still is now completely devoted to pleasure and not just mine, I remember the first time she saw and played with my cock. She could barely get it inside her but loved every inch of it, she even named it and will often tell me to let it come out and play.

  • Filipinas are really loving women. When they fall in love, they give everything. They devote themselves to pleasure their man.


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