Wife's first strip show

This one is from way back, like over 45 years ago. I was married to a tiny woman named Sharon, she was 4'8" and weighed 93 pounds, she had a nice figure at barely 20 years old.
One day a couple of guy friends were at out house, it was early in the day, they were there to help me with a boat we were working on, Salmon season was coming.
Sharon was in a robe, nothing underneath, she was serving us all Coffee and when she bent over, the robe opened and they saw her very nice titties.
There were some laughs, wisecracks, Sharon turned red.
But that TURNED me on in a way I did not remember happening!
After that, I began to encourage her to wear skimpier outfits, that progressed to short skirts with no panties, and never a bra. There were lost of "incidents" and she got over being shy, began to enjoy it. One night we picked up this young man who was hitchhiking, she was showing, he was bold and felt her tits right in front of me. I told her to show him her pussy, but she refused since he was sitting right there.
I finally talked her into maybe doing a strip tease at home, and we invited 4 friends over to watch, they were all really up for that. I got to watch as Sharon took off everything, then laid down on the floor and spread her legs. I got things stopped before she ended up getting laid but in time things evolved into doing that, too. Our best friend Bobby came by at least once a week, I would watch him take her every way possible for years, even after he got married. But Sharon learned to like it too much, and before long she was fucking almost everyone we knew and quite a few we didn't, which broke things up. Yes, a pervert, but my whole life has been perverted.

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