I feel better

I asked a woman at work that i've known for years out on a date today. She at first said no to a day next week because of a family get-together, then when i pushed a little about another time, she daid "i don't think so". Fine. No hard feelings. We're adults. Anyway i have a laminated headshot of here at home, and about an hour ago i shot what seemed like an unusually large load of cum on it while taking care of myself and watching porn. I feel better now. She does look good with my cum on her face.

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  • What woman doesn't want to hear the compliment, "You would look so good with my cum on your face!"?

  • Hardly any WANT to hear that. That said, she did look awfully pretty with my jizz splashed on her face.

  • Ask how many people here would date you? Probably not many. Just a hint about what kind of guy you are, and what kind of guys women want to date.

  • So women owe you a date, or you'll punish them? You sound dangerous.

  • You have a pretty broad definition if "punish". If i'm dangerous, then i'd hate to know what you would call someone who COULDN'T take no for answer

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