I have become so naughty

My husband died 5 years ago, he wasn't yet 65, just too young to go. I am now 67 and I have found that I have become extremely horny and very naughty. A young fellow who lives a few houses down from me (about 18 or 19 I guess) pops in for a chat now and again and is always making suggestive comments. So the next time he popped in I followed up one of his suggestive comments and took my top off and showed him my large droopy tits. He immediately started sucking my nipples and I although some doubt crept in to my mind I just loved the feeling. I got very brave and asked him to drop his pants and trousers, needless to say he did. I gave him a handjob that he really enjoyed and so did I. I got all his cum over my tits, it felt wonderful and I lifted my tits up and licked most of it off. He started to come round more often and we eventually ended up doing everything, 69, rimming, fucking pussy, fucking arse, drinking cum, pissing.... I now want him to bring a bunch of his mates round to service me, I have seen them with him and they are all so very fit. I have been watching porn and really want some bukkake, I dream about all that cum. Now my question is: Do you think he would mind asking him to bring his mates around to fuck and bukkake me?

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  • This was believable until the troll said, she wants the young mans friends to come over. You trolls need to stop talking past the sale.

  • Well you are pretty well there, hand wank him a lot to make him cum it might take a while after that start playing on the floor at his level nude, initially he will try mounting your arse but only let him lick it, when you are confident make sure you lube up well and don't let him do doggy first insist it is you on your back with legs wide in missionary he will get the idea and you both will enjoy it, make sure your cunt is expanded and elastic. Don't forget your boy make certain he start's using your arse and give him plenty of mouth and hand make sure you keep praising him as a great sexual athlete and look as young as possible you will do fine without any other's

  • I do in fact have a Golden Labby and I love him dearly, they are so faithful. I have not had sex with him yet but I do sometimes take my knickers off and let him lick me. He licks for ages and he is better than any man I have known at giving me orgasms by licking. I do rub his dick sometimes and he loves that of course, but I am a bit nervous about letting him mount me. The little sod does try though and humps my leg and cums on me quite often and yes I admit I scrape his cum off my leg and eat it. I know it is naughty but it is so nice. I am going to rethink him mounting me because I know it is gonna be very nice. You are making me worse you naughty woman

  • Just keep this guy to yourself, I have had two toy boys I am 60 and my husband left me very, very well off, I got them through offering accommodation while they do uni ensure they are pretty poor, started by giving them a nice room and the run of the house then I walk in while they are in the shower, being nice I get my friend to pretend Doctor examination (to ensure they have no medical problems) with me present and a lot of attention given to the penis, testicles and anus also very sexual questions, if you get the right ones they really need you so play on it. My boys still return and give plenty of sex all ways.

  • You could try a dog to substitute when your boy is not there, being 67 you probably only need a little work on your cunt to expand it so you do not get knotted make sure you lube well and I am sure you would be a natural a nice quiet Lab is best. My husband travels a lot for work and our dog gives me hours of sexual pleasure he knows its time to mount when I get naked on the mat on all fours and put my collar on.

  • I think it would be best to keep it within just the two of you even though his mates may appear OK you can never be too sure and you could turn out to be a laughing stock around town, just be his mistress granny slut and teach him to be your little sex slave. Does that sound better ?

  • How I overcame porn/ masturbation and lusting after vanity:
    1. Veggie diet for a while to concentrate on the following 2. Work outs 3. reading of inspirational books; gospels, tough times never last, purpose driven life etc. 4. setting my gadgets on filter 5. setting life goals and being excited about them. 6. trusting absolutely in God and doing charity works.

  • This is a granny porn. U feel horny ? At this age do anything comes out from ur cunt or is it only foul smelling air. Do ur young lovers hang by ur shagging boobs like monkeys ? Try to mate with chimpanzees they will make u young again

  • Well if I was as thick as you, which is shown by your post, then perhaps I will. Come to think about it I think your post was written by one of the monkeys you mention. Not sure that mating with chimps will make me young again but I do know that if you mate with them you will still be a thicko.

  • Nice one granny, he really is a thicko that one. Nice put down.

  • I think it's wonderful when one of us 'grannies lol' rediscovers sex. I think us women think that sex is finished once we hit 50 or 60 but this is so untrue. You would be surprised at the number of young men that will gladly ravish an old woman. I am in my 70s and I have no problems in finding young men to screw me. I am also now very slutty in what I do, I love a nice cock, I will look at it, stroke it, lick it and suck it dry. I love cum, I love swallowing it I love it on my face, on my tits, in my hands. I love being eaten out the feel of a tongue jigging about inside you is brilliant and a good man will wrap around your clit. I also have some lovely toys for nights when I am alone, which is not very often. So to all 'grannies' get out there and make advances on young men, you will be surprised at just how many you pull. You will get some very funny looks from your neighbours, well fuck 'em.

  • Good on you I don't think of you as granny but just experienced and why not have a great deal of sexual fun as long as the youths are over age and obedient get into it girl

  • Love it, would be nice to meet and talk about some of our young men.

  • He might do, if it was me I would want you for myself only.

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