She's leaving him for me

I'm not looking to explain my decision or justify it, I'm just gonna say it. My older sister and I are in love, and in a very addictive, explosive sexual relationship. I've had the hots for her since puberty, and after a huge falling out with her husband, one thing led to another and she confessed to having conflicting feelings for me too. She gave in to them and we became lovers. She's 37, I'm 29.
I'm looking for a job far away, abroad if possible, while she finalizes her divorce: we'll get away without telling anyone, since we intend to live as a couple from then on. We don't have any family anyway, and our very few friends wouldn't accept us.
We've even discussed the possibility of having children, and we know that it would be very hard, if we are realistic. Even so, just the thought of impregnating her really gets me going.
So far, we've avoided that through anal sex: she loves it, and she loves it rough. I was very close-minded when it came to my sexual practices, but having sex with her has really blown up my world. I can't get enough of fucking her in the ass, and she cums really hard and very easy from it. And she loves it when I cum inside her, too. Still, I can't wait for the day she'll let me do her pussy. We're still talking birth control before we get there, if we decide to use any.

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