Convincing the wife

My wife is pretty hot, early 30s, fit, nice firm tits, tight pussy, great ass. I've been trying to get her to fuck my best friend Todd for some time, or even to have a threesome with us, since I've never done one before and neither has she.

I brought up the idea to my wife once when Todd was over, and she laughed and simply said to him, "Sure, I'd fuck you. That sounds like fun." Todd was salivating at the idea. He totally wanted to fuck my wife. I thought we were ready to make it happen when my wife then said to him, "but I need permission from your wife." He said that would be unlikely. Therein was the problem.

A few weeks passed before we discussed the topic again. Todd and I brought it up again, begging her for a threesome, but she rolled her eyes and said, "Put your dicks down guys. I'm not against doing it. It sounds like silly awesome fun, but I would need his wife's permission, because I'm not going to let him cheat."

Todd then called his wife, handed the phone to my wife, who then talked to her about our desire to have a threesome or, even better, a foursome swap. The official words that came back from Todd's wife were "never in a million years" and "over my dead body." So that put an end to that. My wife admitted that even she was a bit disappointed that we didn't get approval, because she said thinking about fucking both of us made her hot.

My wife won't budge. Todd's wife won't budge. My wife isn't interested in swinging with anyone else. It kills me to think that we are so close, yet so far, to making this happen. I'd be interested in hearing any ideas on how to wear down my wife's sense of morality and scruples. We are two guys standing here with our dicks in our hands. . . .

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  • You should be happy that you have a wife who is open to kinks yet has a sense of morality. She is a rarity. She obviously is open to having fun but is deeply committed to you and expects the same from others. I wish I had married someone that good, instead of the slut who wrecked my life.

  • Todd's wife sounds like my ex-wife. There was another couple we were friends with. I talked to the guy and suggested swapping wives in each other's presence. He asked his wife if she was down. She was. Then I asked my wife. Nope! "Never in a million years" and "over my dead body." Fucking bitch. I finally off-loaded the cunt...

  • If Todd is in like most marriages in the western countries, he'll eventually divorce her or vice versa for whatever reason. It's about 50%. Then you and your wife can have at him. I'm not sure why you would want that, but whatever floats your boat.

  • What about a horse and fucking animals with each other. so many people are into that dirty stuff, why not go all the way and try some dead bodies at the morgue and some kiddies as well. you must be one sick bastard.

  • So you want a foursome or partner swap orgies thing often? I wish I knew how many couples were into this and seen their faces.

  • After a short separation,me and my wife patched things up.But she said before we get back together she has to confess something.So she told me that during the time we were apart she fucked a guy a few times.I was shocked but we were separated so couldn't really get mad.I was quite curious actually,for details.So after a few days asked her about it.She said he was the guy next.When she moved out she rented a cheap little place.Anyway she said the guy was quite younger,early 20's and he chatted to her alot then asked her out for a few drinks.Then getting back afterwards he asked her in so she thought "fuck it" and the rest just happened.I think I was quite impressed with her how she managed to get laid by a younger guy.

  • *next door* sorry.

  • Consider arranging Mrs. Todd's seduction ... by another man. Give this some thought. Find the right stud. Coach him. Let him take his time.

    Alternatively, your wife is open to this. Find another couple for play.

  • I’d love to arrange a stud to seduce my virgin fiancée.

  • Not everyone's the same.Me and my wife were young and naive when this happened to us.Mid 20's,couple years married.We hung with someone we thought we could trust.Instead we got high and drunk.Then I watched him fuck my pretty young wife while I stroked my dick.And it didn't bother me at the time because I was too out of it,infact we both got off on it.

  • Just accept the situation, you don't have to be a prick all your life, you obviously have a wonderful wife who is true and honest so be happy and content.
    What is it with guys that want their wife to fuck around I can't understand it, maybe you both need to put your filthy little pricks in each others bum.

  • This is the best idea --- the two of you should fuck each other. Let your wife watch.

  • Maybe just be happy she has morals. Most women now cheat at the drop of a hat.

  • My husband is disabled.I stayed faithfull for years.Then he gave me his blessing to go on "dates" with other guys.

  • Do what works for you and your husband. I'm just saying this guy's wife doesn't want to fuck another woman's husband and he is complaining about her having morals, something that used to be looked at as a virtue .

  • I think Todd will have to sit it out and they can just find another guy to do the dirty deed.

  • You should just set her up. The next time you are making out with her, have your friend come into the house and into your room with no pants. My guess is that she won't turn him down if she's "in the moment."

  • Good job talking about it with her. When I shared my wife she was nearly passed out drunk and my friend and I took turns on her. The emotions that went through my mind when he pushed into her ass were rage and jealousy and hornyness all mixed.

  • I would love to experience that rage, jealousy, and hornyness, as I watch another man take my fiancée’s virginity (while she’s not drunk though).

  • She didn’t remember much, only that we had anal because she was sore, and that she had sex with him. I told her we were all so drunk that it didn’t matter.

  • Get her stone drunk

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