Barely making it

We started out really just making it very young, we only lived on his pay check because I had to stay home with our child after I had him. I could not get a job making more than it cost for daycare and a car to get there so I found work right in the mobile home park we lived in doing cleaning and odd jobs for some of the older people. The first time we were going to run short on the lot rent I went up to the office to ask if they had any work I could do to cover the shortage. The manager who was also the owner of the park told me I could do some work but it would take me a few weeks to earn enough, he looked at me again thought and told me he would trade the shortage for an hour of sex. He was not a gross man really, fairly fit probably late fifties and balding but he was clean looking. I thought about it for a moment while I am sure my face was red with embarrassment, I told him that I would do it. I walked back not knowing what I just got myself into but I thought why not, if he was that hard up for sex then why not give him an hour for the rent. We set up a day for it to happen and he told me to just come by the office anytime. I showed up and we got into his car, I was not sure where we were going so I asked him. He told me that he did not think the office area was a good place to do this so he thought his place would be better and it was only a few minutes away. We arrived at his house and I was pretty impressed just from the outside of it, the inside was nice as well and actually looked really clean. I asked him if he was married and he told me no and had no plans of getting married any time soon.
I followed him back to a bedroom with a huge bed in it and pretty nice actually, he started pulling back the covers and I figured now was a good time to get undressed. I noticed that he was not undressing at all while he stood there and watched me, I took off the last of my clothes and he stood there looking at me then told me I was stunning.
I laid down on the bed and he asked me to roll over onto my front side, I felt his hands lifting my feet up and then his tongue and lips on my feet. He licked and sucked my toes for a bit then worked his way up my legs to my cheeks. He lingered there for quite some time kissing and licking my skin for a bit before plunging his tongue right between my cheeks and I felt it going around my anus. No one had ever licked me like that before but it felt really good, he asked me to spread my legs out while he continued to like my anus. He then kissed his way up my back a little but then returned to my cheeks and after a few more minutes of kissing and licking he asked me to roll over again.
He started at my belly button and worked his way up to my breasts, he still had not even taken off his clothes yet. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and gave my breast a little squeeze, I heard him moaning a little bit as he sucked even more of me into his mouth. He pulled off and told me I was one hot woman and he did not even think about me lactating. He continued to suck on my nipples and drinking down the milk, it was feeling good but at the same time I was thinking they get enough use already between my kid and husband. He finally worked his way down and began licking me in the right spot, I had to admit he was pretty talented at it and it felt great right from the start. I had a few orgasms then he kissed my feet some more and told me well the hour is up and thanked me for letting him do this because it has been years. I looked up at him and said that I could not believe you did not even get undressed, you do not want some pleasure? He assured me that he got plenty of pleasure from just doing all that he did to me, he also told me that in the future if I was short on the lot rent that this deal would be great with him.
We did fall short a few times while living there and he was always willing to trade a few hours of me for it but one day we had no hot water and my husband knew nothing about fixing the hot water heater. He looked at it and figured we were going to need a new one so I told him that I would call around today and see how much it was going to cost. My first call was to the manager just to ask him if he knew of a good repairman who would not rip us off. He told me he knew just the person and asked if he could come over and look at what we had set up for it. He showed up and looked things over then he looked at me and told me brand new hot water heater all installed and set up for five hours. I knew exactly what he meant and thought it over, I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell my husband I got it fixed today for free sex. I told the manager that I needed him to do me a favor because my husband will be really curious about how this happened with no money exchanged. I told him that I needed to write him a check but then give me the cash back and I will use the cash for groceries and other bills and if he was willing to do that I would give him six hours. He agreed to do it and left right away for the store to get a new hot water heater, four hours later he was finished up and my husband came home while he was cleaning up his stuff. I told him how much it cost and while he was down a little bit I had made it look like I took it out of our savings, I told him not to worry about it and I could pick up some more cleaning money over the next few weeks.
Max, my landlord had a great plan for his six hours. I spent the first hour session doing nothing but sucking his cock and licking his balls even after he had an orgasm. I was able to give him two of them during this hour of non stop sucking and licking. He asked me if I had a dress and I was wondering where this was going, he told me that he had a fantasy he wanted to fulfil at the office. So the main office building has a front door and when you walk in there is a hallway that leads down to the post office boxes and on the left is a window for paying rent. It is your typical slotted window at the bottom with a tray to slide money or check through to the person. There is a fair amount of traffic in there around lunch time and he wanted me to sit up on the chair, it is a high office chair and my feet do not even reach the floor when sitting in it. During this high traffic time he would be on his knees in front of my spread legs under the counter and licking me, I was to pretend nothing was going on while he did this to me. The set up went really great actually and it was probably one of the most erotic oral sessions I have ever had, he just slowly licked me for just about an hour and only three people came to the window but both of them just slide a check through the slot and told me to mail them the receipt. Meanwhile he just kept up this slow licking the whole time giving me several orgasms.
We had a few more sessions of him just licking and kissing my whole body and once again telling me how lucky my husband was to have such a beautiful wife, he absolutely worshiped my ass one day and licked my anus for a solid half an hour. It was tingling for quite some time after he was done not to mention how wet I got from all that stimulation.
He used up his six hours and again thanked me for indulging his fantasies and letting him get so much pleasure from me. I really enjoyed all of the time spent with him because he was always very respectful even though it was a very naughty thing that we were doing and he could have held that over my head for even more sex but he never did anything like that at all. I even asked him a few times if he wanted to go back to his place tomorrow or even that day for some fun just because he was a great lover.


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  • How old were you then? And did any sex actually happen?

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