Progressing through cross dressing

My husband has been a straight cross dresser for since before we were married some five years ago after we fell in love he told me about it and I really did not mind, I loved seeing him at home in panties and bra along with nighties then he started wearing suspenders, stockings, heels, blouses and skirts the biggest thrill was when I started doing his makeup and combing his wig along with painting his nails and shaving him all over, since then he collected a large wardrobe of female wear Maids outfits, latex catsuits/bodysuits, swimwear, a lot of PVC panties, bras and fantasy wear, he takes care of his own femme gear and is starting his own makeup.
Recently we had such confidence we started going out with him dressed and made up nothing so in your face just to the park for a walk and coffee everything went so well we now go just about anywhere such as the lingerie shop where he uses the change rooms and at the plaza always goes to the female toilets, he really looks, acts and appears as a female.
Last weekend after a trip to the plaza we called into our local adult shop and purchased a double ended dildo strapon when home it took some time to have him well lubed, on all fours and ready to accept his initial pegging I was slow and patient easing his end in but eventually I was riding him and he was moaning both through pain and joy while I orgasm'd he was nearly there but did not make it he had a sore bum so we let it go till two days later when he eventually had a nice cum, I am certain he will stretch into it such a great way for both to enjoy.
I am becoming very dominant and just love it, he is so obedient and does most of the housework, if anything is not to my standard he cops a caning with a heart shaped leather end that leaves bruises for a week , I have told him it is time for him to have a cock cage locked on and we will purchase one next Saturday.
We have both never been so happy.

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  • You will be so glad when you have him locked, my husband has always thought he is in control but after discussing chastity he went with it thinking I would unlock him whenever he wanted, things certainly changed once the cage was on nice and tight and I had hidden the keys, he started playing up but I just said the longer you keep that shit up the longer it will be before you get an orgasm, I might even lose the keys smart arse he has clearly settled down now and does not broach the subject plus he does everything I want obediently and politely.
    Every man should have to wear one.

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