I showed my wife naked pictures to my cousin

I am a amateur photographer and a had taken a couple photo shot to my wife naked both artistic and very explicit nudes. To be honest i am really proud of my wife she is almost 50y and im 33y we been together for 10 years and she look AMAZING... Last time my cousin and i met we had several drinks we stared talking about women and i faked that i was drunk, i make remarks about how hot my wife was and say look this is how hot she is and i stared showed him some artistic pictures of her naked, i started with very soft nudes with he replay positive (Oh i'm really sorry but your wife looks very good) so i keeping going with more and more explicit ones including with the legs and vagina wide open and her spread her lips, having sex and i also showed him a couple short porn videos ..... my heart was coming out of my chest i feel so turned on... He could not believe what his eyes has seen, we had one or two more drinks it was like 3 am and on my way to the second floor i pull out my phone of last time found the most explicit picture i could found and showed to him and i said oh well i'm going to fuck this right now with he replied oh cousin you are crazy... Next morning my wife wake up early to make breakfast for us and she don't like to wear bra so she braless almost times, see thru hard niples on (don't care since is family) in pajamas and we all started talking i can see how he looked her and his dick was getting hard what was the best feeling ever.

He never done any comment or mention anything about what happened that night but i can't stop thinking about it

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