My first gay experience

When I was 19 I started getting curious about being with men. Of course I felt really guilty about this at first but then I grew some balls and made a grindr account. I met a muscular built 38 year old on there and agreed to come to his house. I came over and we went straight for the hot tub and stripped naked and got in. He pulled me in close and we made out and he embraced me from behind and started kissing my neck. Then we dried off and went into his room and he flipped me up on my shoulders and ate my ass, it was so unexpected but I moaned like a bitch lol. Then he lubed himself up and pounded my then virgin hole. We ended up cumming together and he sucked the cum from my throbbing cock. That night I found out I was gay as fuck to say the least lol.

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  • As a really cute kid I had boycock either in my mouth or my fresh well shaped little ass. I was fourteen the first time I actually sat on a mancock. I thought it was too big but surprised myself when I got it all in!

  • My first sexual experiences were homosexual, I was 12 years old when my cousin who was 16, and I were looking at his porn magazine. We got naked and masturbated together, that lead to masturbating each other and then the second time we sucked each other's cock. We did that for the whole summer holidays, he was really really big and had a huge set of hairy balls. I was excited by the sight of his fat uncircumcised cock and would suck all the cum out and swallow it. I liked the taste of cock and cum. I was only 12 years old and had a fetish for huge cock. I went back the next summer, my cock was bigger and I had pubic hair and shooting cum not blanks when I orgasmed. I wanted to try getting fucked up the ass, I had been practicing with shampoo bottles and vegetables. It was amazing getting fucked up the ass and loved his big cock stretching my asshole. I didn't have sex with a woman until I was 18 years old.

  • My first sexual experiences were also with a man. I was 15 and he would come over at night in a big suv with blacked windows. He would text me and id get in his car and suck his cock and swallow his load. Did this for 3 years but dissapointingly never did actually get a cock up my ass.

  • I'm glad I went all the way my first time. Here I thought I was some tough guy who dominated girls but it turns out I love being the one getting pulverized and cummed in by big muscular middle age men

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