Neighbor boy

The neighbor kid was over the other day playing video games with my little brother. They are both 12 I am 15. I was changing my clothes in my room and I saw the boy peeking in at me not sure how long he was there or what he saw but I was all naked for a little while trying to find some panties to wear. I was kind of shocked when I noticed him and he quick ran away. Wondering what will happen next time he's here.

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  • OK I finally got to take your advise! He was over earlier today video gaming with my brother my parents were both working and I thought this was the perfect time. So I went in my room and left the door open just a little and waited and sure enough I heard him in the hallway me had just come out of the bathroom. He was standing in the hall peeking into my room I was standing between my bed and my dresser with my back to him and I slowly began to take off my clothes. First my shorts then my tshirt and I stood there a little while in just my bra and panties. I could see him a little in the corner of my mirror and I tried not to look there so he wouldn't notice. Then I took off my bra and stood there a little I think he could see my reflection in the mirror but I turned and pretended to look for something on my bed just to make sure. Then I slowly took off my panties and stood there looking in the mirror. I was getting real excited knowing he was staring at my bare butt! I grabbed my hair brush and brushed my hair for awhile, then turned a little and pretended to look for something on my bed again. My clothes dresser is on the wall near the door so I turned and walked there to get some clothes out he was only like about 5 feet away and could see my breasts and between my legs when I went over there and got out some underwear. I spent the next few minutes trying some on by my bed then taking them off again, all the while my heart was just pounding knowing he was watching me! I think it was about 10 minutes or so then I heard my brother call him and I finished dressing when I went out in the hall he was gone but I know he got a good closeup look at me naked! I can't wait todo something like this again!

  • You want to do more next time? how about you leave your door hide just inside your room against the wall by your door, and already be naked, maybe with a robe or wrapped in a towel. when you hear him outside your door, ask him if he can help you and ask him inside your room. when he comes in your room and asks what you need help with, show him two different pairs of your panties and ask him which pair does he think looks better, if he picks one tell him he can't tell by how they look in your hand and tell him he needs to see each of them on you to make a good decission.

  • Did you notice that you were getting wet after him watching you?

  • I was really turned on

  • Did it turn you on enough that you touched yourself? ;)

  • Give the kid a little thrill. Go into your room to change and leave the door open just a tad. If you have a mirror in there, position it so that you can stand with your back to the door, but see the reflection of the slightly open door in the mirror, spying on anyone who may happen by. Once you see your brother's buddy (and he will be back) get completely undressed with your back to the door. Brush your hair a bit. Maybe put some makeup on or look at your phone. The whole time your naked. Then put on a pair of panties, "change your mind", take them off and put on another pair. Then a bra, and so on and so on. Each successive time after that, go a little further. Stand in profile to the door so he can see your boobs. Touch yourself slightly the next time. Maybe lay on the bedand rub some kind of lotion on your naked legs!the time after that. But at no point acknowledge you see him there. I have some experience on both sides of this. Can you tell?

  • I had that same problem a few years ago when I was 16 my little brother who was 13 at the time and his friend were spying on me undressing. They seen me a couple of times after I’ve gotten out of the shower, when I finally busted them they were so shocked and scared I was going to tell our parents and his friends parents. As for punishment I made them drop their pants and play with her little cocks , This went on for a few years I did let them see me naked and I will say it was a turn on. We never had sex they just masturbated in front of me and I will say for being that young them two boys could sure ejaculate tons of cum. To this day I really don’t know if it was a punishment but we did have fun afterwards.

  • If you do give him a show, he will always remember you and what he saw with great fondness

  • Very true

  • I wouldn't mind catching you either so I can't blame him

  • You said it shocked you but you wonder what will happen next time he comes over.... you want to have him "catch" you naked again? you enjoy knowing he was getting turned on by your naked body?

  • I guess I was more surprised. I don't know. The more I thought about it the more I was kinda turned on I guess.

  • As you thought about it more, did you think about how it would excite you to actually let him touch you?

  • Didn't think about that. Maybe.

  • Are you curious about how hard he got while looking at you naked?

  • Heehee. Didn't think about that. Maybe he did.

  • Now that you're thinking if he got you kind of want to see it? and to see how hard it got?

  • Yes!! I wouldn't mind.

  • If he showed you his erection...would you like to touch it?

  • Yes!

  • And are you looking forward to him coming back over? maybe see if he'll look in on you again ?

  • I don't know. Maybe. Should i?

  • You should give him a real show I'm sure he would like it.

  • You mean like leave my door open and wait until he's looking? Not sure I could do that. Well, maybe.

  • Yeah, let him. Then you know he's looking and it's even more exciting.

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