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A few days ago I was on the sofa in a night dress and knickers. My husband had just left for work and my kid had just gone to school. I was reading through this site like I do when I'm horny, although I was on the last day or two of my period. My alasation wandered in and started sniffing through my knickers, I guess because of my period smell. I decided to pull my knickers to one side and see what would happen, He stuck his nose in me sniffing and licking into a frenzy, this went on for ages until my pussy was a slobbering come multiple times. I'd never have done this before if it wasn't for this site, so thank you.

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  • Soon, he will make you his bitch. Wont be long till you feel obligated to return the favor, then you will be going down on your dog. Then it's just a matter of time before you let him mount your pussy and ass, and pump gallons of doggy cum inside of you.

  • Was the tongue good

  • Yes very fast the sniffing was great too

  • Do you think you are going to start having sex with your dog ?

  • Definitely not.

  • I think you might, no sure you will, letting him lick you will lead to thinking then starting to let him enter, it happened with my wife I didn't know till one day I came home and they were locked bum to bum on the fluffy lounge mat, she insisted that it was the first time and she had been cleaning the floor naked because she did not want to dirty her cloths and Charley just mounted and she could not prevent it, I loved it took plenty of photos.
    I don't mind they do it a lot now fantastic to watch.

  • Want to tell more? Email me..... Tg865833 gmail

  • Fucking dumbass. I bet if she fucked a pony then you would claim to have a wife and also claim she fucked a pony. You are lying in hopes of grooming her into thinking its normal to fuck a dog cause “your wife” does. It’s a pedaphile tactic.

  • No licking is one thing, penetrated is another

  • Honey you now need to start thinking seriously about having him fuck you, to start missionary with legs high so you can guide him in is best but after you get confident doggie is by far the best, just be aware he will knot in you and you both will be locked for about half an hour don't panic and start trying to pull out just wait and enjoy it

  • Douchbad shut the fuck up!

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