Lost and paid bets to my Wife

A month of blow jobs is what I hoped to win from my wife but it did not turn out that way. She is from Philadelphia and I thought the Super Bowl was a lock and she was willing to make a bet for a month of oral if I would sweeten the odds. However Philadelphia won. So every night for a month I got down between her legs and serviced her pussy and clit until she was satisfied. This really is not any punishment but I was not used to going down on her during her period so it was a learning process.

After I had eaten her she would take my pants and underwear down and give me 10-20 spanks. Then I had to pull my underwear back up and play with my cock over my underwear until I shot my sperm inside of them. I was not allowed to take off my underwear until the next mornings. While I played with my cock she would giggle and taunt me. She called me “a little jerk off” and laughed that I would cream my undies. Several times I had to do this before I performed oral on her and if I got hard while eating her I had to jerk off again.

I took another chance with the NCAA basketball tournament and lost again this time to Villanova. In addition to eating her pussy I have to lick her backside and kiss her ass each night. A couple of time she had me lay out naked and fucked me cowgirl style first. Then she holds her pussy about 12-18 inches above my face and slowly lowers herself, making sure I see her pussy and getting my cum dripped on my face.

Now when I must jerk off she also calls me a “butt kisser” and “ass licker.” She giggles and tells me that I am her “cum eating, jerk off loser.” She also does not let me cum every night now, saying that losers shouldn’t get to cum so often. She tells me if I lose another bet this year I will really regret it! Part of me wonders what she has in mind. I have only had one blow job since January and still want to get even

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  • My husband and I do this all the time and I think it gets him turned on when he wins because his mind set is that I have to do it now. I mean it is not like he is lacking sex, we make love at least 2-3 times a week and that is not counting other things I do to him like hand and blow jobs. We shower together most mornings and I almost always stroke him while we are in there.
    We were betting about something a few years back though and he upped the ante to 3 months of daily orgasms and he won the bet. I did not really care much though because like I said he gets so turned on telling me that I have to give him a blow job, makes him feel dominating I guess but I truly love to please him so I get turned on also.

  • Oh you poor guy, sounds like you win either way it turns out.

  • Adds fun we bet all the time on stuff for dirty deeds

  • You’re a sissy

  • I hope not. What exactly is a "sissy"? If I had won the bets she would have paid off. I am a pussy eater.

  • You are a cock sucker. And next time you lose she will bring a BBC home and he will do you in tha ass.

  • She's a keeper!

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