My wife and I started watching tied women having sex with strangers movies. It became both of our addiction. We had often talked about trying it one day , but always found some reason not too. Recently we purchased handcuffs, rope and very secure blindfolds. When I bring it up she gets so excited that we have sex right away. She especially likes the idea of being tied up outside . Hopefully our fantasies will come true soon.

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  • I also have a bad habit of loving to be tied up. It was getting a little mundane with my husband but he does do a great job tying me up. Last year I posted an ad reading I want to be tied up and teased along with a description of things that could not be done.
    I went to this strangers apartment and we barely spoke, all I asked him was did he agree to the things that I do not want done to me and he told me yes. I had an absolutely great experience with him and it was so new and refreshing. He was a bit of a nerd and overweight but he abided by everything we agreed on in the emails and it had been a few years since I had been devoured. He confessed to me that he had not had sex in over two years and I can tell you he got his fill of me licking me for a really long time.

  • Ok the details. We went on the road trip and found alot of the state parks were still closed. There were alot of people in them but the facilities were not open yet. The weekend was a bust but we went out early Monday morning and drove to a park that we both thought may work out. At the far end , one trail led to a spot along the river. So we walked down to an opening. Were we got ready. I laid her down and handcuffed her to the tree. But looking at her hot naked blindfolded body was too much for me. So I started fucking her. Just as I was getting up I looked over and two guys holding fishing poles were standing there. I nervously said she wants it she said it's okay. Really one guy said as they approached. He said again only directed his question to her. So your okay with guys fucking you honey he said. Yes she said and there should be a bag of condoms close to me. So I stood there and literally watched them take turns fucking her. The second guy was able to last along time. It was the hottest thing that's ever happened to us.

  • I like To tie my wife up and let black fuck her, some times more than one, we have forced sex fantasies, to have a group of young black thugs raping her over and over.

  • That's very hot , I'm the original poster. It's also a fantasy of hours. The good news is that we have decided to try our fantasy tomorrow. we are packing an overnight bag and traveling out of the area. Our concerns were friends or neighbors may find out. We know of some secluded walking trails. So we are heading there. The plan is to lay a blanket down by a tree then have my naked wife lay down and I handcuff her and tie her to the tree. I'll leave some condoms beside her and maybe a note. Then I can hide and watch and film. We're so excited I mean like super excited. Neither one of us can wait.

  • How'd it go?

  • We're just getting home from our road trip. It wasn't exactly what we had expected. But it was so hot and exciting. We talked about it the whole drive home and we are both very happy.

  • Details man we want details

  • That’s hot. My husband and I have done this a couple times. Blindfold her to add to the excitement, she’ll hear them but won’t know what they’re about to do until it happens.

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