Her 18th birthday

I fucked my niece the night of her 18th birthday.
She's my brother's daughter, and I know she's had a thing for me since she was just hitting puberty, which actually made me uncomfortable: she was only 13 the time she approached me and our conversation turned to very personal questions about my sex life and tastes.
One time last year, when she was still 17, I came home at night to find her naked on my bed (my house is nearby her school, so I gave her the keys "should she ever ned anything"). I totally panicked and sent her home. I didn't dare take the house keys from her, I didn't wanna risk my brother asking questions.
But something changed then and there. Seeing her naked made me start looking at her as a woman... and a very beautiful one, too. For a quick description, think of a blonde version of porn actress Klara. I felt a lot of shame afterwards but I couldn't help masturbating thinking of her that night. But nothing happened afterwards.
Until her birthday, when my brother asked for my house to have a family reunion for her, which I agreed to. Nothing out of the ordinary, and the topic of that night hadn't even come up. I casually asked her what she wanted for a present and she said she'd think about it. She eventually said goodby to everyone, saying she had to go to a friend's place to get ready for her birthday party.
So everyone goes home, I clean up a bit, go up to my room... and there she is, in lingerie. "I know what I want for my birthday", she says, and I just couldn't do anything when she came up and kissed me. I gave in. We fucked all night, unprotected, even (nothing happened, she assured me). I don't know how or when she learned many of the things she did that night, but I swear I haven't encountered any other woman capable of causing so much pleasure to a man.
It's been two months and I can't get enough of her. There's a guilty voice in the back of my head reminding me she's my brother's daughter. But dammit, I just can't care.

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  • She should have f'd her when she was 13.

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