Dirty Photos

If you found nude photos of your parents would you look at them all of would you stop at the first one.

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  • I looked at all of them, hundreds of polaroid's and developed black and whites of my mom doing all sorts of things. My dads hobby was his camera and I never knew he took pictures of her but why would I, it is hard to imagine your parents as normal sexual beings. He died in a car accident and while my mom knew about the photos she had no idea about the large box in the attic with numerous shoe boxes in it jammed with photos. She would not go up there and had me bringing everything down from there one day to either get rid of or sell in a yard sale. I opened up the box and there were some photos right on top and I spent hours after school combing thru the boxes seeing my mother doing everything, some were very artistic but most were just wild. Masturbating with objects was a common theme along with sucking on him but there were some pretty crazy ones as well, bondage and waxing. There were several dozen of her with melted wax all over her, legs tied upward spread wide with wax melted out of her vagina and down her torso and buttocks, it must have taken hours to do that to her. I have no idea why I kept them for so many years but one day I finally burned them all.

  • Growing up my best friend at the time and I always hung out. From grade 2-10. His mom was single and young. Had him at 17yrs. She was blonde and petite. She would always walk around in loose pjs. I saw every inch of her early on and did so for years. One day he and I were snooping her room for porn we knew she had ad found nude Polaroid pictures of her. He would let me see them and jerk off in her room while he watched a porno in the living room. Sadly nothing ever happened with her and I but one night she fell asleep on the couch spread and I could see her pussy clear up her shorts because they were moved to the side. Seeing her naked all the time was the best childhood ever

  • Only IF She Had Pubic Hair dude.

  • Ive seen nudes pictures of my mum they were at the back of a draw I was looking for something else, when I notices an envelope open I looked at one and saw my nude mum I went hard within seconds I think because I was spying on her privacy I know I shouldn't have carried on looking the photos they got more explicit showing mum with her legs open in all different positions and playing with her self, also some of my dad doing the same, I didn't know why at the time but I went even harder seeing my dad with an erection holding his dick, I came in my pants, that's how I found out I was bisexual.

  • You've obviously but sadly been brainworshed by people you shouldn't trust. Beyond dispute, even bisexuality, as well as queerdom is a learned behavior.
    It is clearly NOT due to anyone admiring or being interested in someone elses genitalia of their own gender. That's part of how & why society is derailed regarding their thought process. You keep believing that crap & soon you believe it yourself. Then you ARE toast. In your own best interest don't commit that sorry unforced error.

  • I never saw pictures of my mom naked but i used to spy on her when I was younger and I have seen her naked before

  • I like to see ur mom naked

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