My Asian wife

I got a cute Asian wife I brought to the u.s. from vietnam. I been with her for 4 years. Happy as can be. I'm a white male that has lived here in states my whole life.

In last few weeks I have had a friend of mine who is black joking with me when he would see my wife and tell me the sexual things he would do to her. Even jokes with me saying he will put a black baby inside her and I should take care of it.

I would later on by myself would find myself jerking off to the idea of my black friend fucking my Asian wife. The thought of her sucking on his black dick and the moment that he cums in my Asian wife little pussy.

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  • I overheard my sister in law ask my wife if shes ever thought about fucking a black guy. My wife said yes. That turns me on. I wish i could have heard the whole conversation.

  • Four years is pretty good Buddy usually it takes about 3 to get the rest of the family out piss you off with nothing but still you have to pay child support for babies that were never yours, then they live in luxury while your got the arse out of your pants struggling in a trailer park.

  • Why didn't you knock his teeth into bits?

  • That buck knee grow would stretch her out so wide you'd never get another nut inside her. Keep your fantasies to yourself, and keep the coloreds away.

  • I served in South Vietnam in 1970 saw heaps of mixed black American and Vietnamese kids, shit they were ugly and useless little pricks if I were you I would certainly seriously reconsider having your wife bred

  • A mate and I had a holiday in Vietnam and went to a bar to organise a couple of girls for four days, we agreed on a price with the mumasan and selected two nice lookers the deal was that they were to accept us orally, vaginally, anally and we could swap plus have them play with us, my mate has one of the biggest cocks I have seen he scares a lot of women when they see the size, these sluts very soon were so very sorry we selected them, they were backing away saying far too big/ not normal we can't take that you will split us no deal my friend said OK back to the bar for a refund we will not take any other girls from that bar mumasan will be very unhappy.
    I was OK getting into my slut but had some squeeze with her bum, his slut got plenty of lube but squealed all the way through even though he took it easy he only ever got three quarters into her and she just could not accept him in the arse or mouth so I got a bonus there, my slut kept saying I am yours I love you but we made her have a few goes with Bill.
    They were walking bow legged all the time we were there and continually complained of sore cunts and arses.
    You should have seen the look on their faces when we returned them and told mamasan we will certainly take them again when we come back on another holiday

  • Well i was in vietnam visiting my hometown. Wish your friend could meet and fuck me back then. I’m craving for some big black cock.

  • If that black bull has anything near reasonable and does not take a lot of time lubing her and easing it in that little bitch will be squealing like a stuck pig for a week have an extremely sore cunt and not feel like rooting for quite some time.
    It might take a while for her cunt to get nearly back to the size you like Buddy.

  • Is it possible your friend has a little dick and she has a big pussy? Would it still be hot?

  • Buddy don't be so stupid he is black he has a giant dick she is Asian she has a small hairless cunt, wake up

  • Brilliant!

  • In your fantasies. :)

  • I don't think her having a dark baby would be a great idea also having him fuck her she might like it a lot more than with you, just watch porn Buddy or you will be crying soon.

  • Think you’ll ever let him do it?

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