This story his about my wife she his ticklish now I know this but not every one we come in contact with does , Anyway when you tickle her at first she likes it but you can go to far so you have to be careful , I just happened to tell my neighbour this in conversation can't think how it came up well my neighbours either side of us are good friends has well , Both are late 60s my wife and I mid 30s , Well one night me and my wife went out for a meal it was are anniversary so my wife was dressed pretty hot , She had her highest heels shortest skirt little top black skimpy underwear stockings hot , Anyway on the way back home we bumped into are neighbours so I invited them in for a drink , We was drinking chatting having a laugh my wife put some more cans on the coffee table , Then Bob pulled my wife down onto his lap he did things like that , Then started tickling my wife she was struggling so Jim held onto her with Bob ,My wife was laughing and squirming and wriggling about trying to get free at this point I was just going to tell them to stop , When I noticed what they was up to they was trying to see her underwear I could see them both trying to look at her , Also trying to grope her discreetly I should stop them but I was enjoying the show , Her skirt was riding up showing her stocking tops even the buttons on her top was coming undone then she slid down showing her thong , And I will say a see through thong and you could see she was bald underneath , Both Bob and jim could see her very clearly my wife was shouting for them to stop I will pee my self , But it was to late she wet herself I told them to stop now , That was the end of that night , I kinda liked it .

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  • My wife loves to get attention from my friends and I have never stopped anything that they do to her. I sometimes join in and tell them they need to strip her or grope her while tickling. I think most women pee a little bit when tickled because she does this as well.

  • It was hot , looking forward to next time , what about you

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