Closet sissy

I finally got up enough nerve to actually go to an adult video arcade here in philly,all dolled up in pretty sheer pink panties,lacy sheer pink sissy training bra with open cups,giving me 36C cup tities,sheer babydoll nightie,all worned under sweat pants and sweat top,upon putting token in slot to enter the (dark room)immediatly in womans toilet room,took off sweat suite,put on make up,pretty girlie wig and worked my way back to dark room,soon having a bunch of old chubby perverts groping me,soon i was on my knees getting my mouth used as a womans vagina,choking,gagging and swallowing load after load of salty spunk down my throt,it was so gross,yet i just kept letting all the dirty perverts do this to my vagina mouth,a few,guys blew their loads up my once tight bung hole,as i was leaving dark room,female cashier said go clean up in womans toilet room and dont ever come back to this place,(no sex allowed)in womans toilet room a few females used my mouth as a human toilet,felt so aahamed of myself,all those pretty girls knowing what i let the men do to me,they were all laughing at me.
sincerly sissybobby

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  • What kind of lady would use a sad spunk covered cross dresser as a toilet?

  • What the hell is wrong with you?!

  • 🤢😷

  • I'm no psychologist, but it sounds to me like you might be a little bit on the queer side.

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