Family incest

Do mom's and daughters really think about incest often and how many would want to

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  • I had a girlfriend who asked me if I would like to have sex with her mother, she didn't have any problem with me having sex with her mother and wanted to watch us. It was a little bit different but I was into it, my girlfriend was not bad looking and had a huge set of tits and was a horny slut who liked anything related to sex. Her mother was not the best looking woman and also had a big set of tits to. I found out after having sex with her mother that she didn't only want to watch, she joined in one night. I watched mother and daughter having sex with each other.

  • Tell me more about this please

  • I am a mum and I thought frequently about incest, after I caught my son fucking his sister, so the answer is you but who will admit it openly its such a taboo open subject, I don't understand why its so morally wrong

  • I'm a dad that caught his son fucking his sister. My sister and i did the same just didn't get caught, almost but not, Icaught them in the heat of condom 15/13 they've been experimenting for 6mon they called it. its not the experimenting , i could handle that, its the no condom, he said that he pulled out mostly, good god as a trail of sperm traveled from him to inside her, I'm not saying me and my sister alaways used condoms bo\ut i was 12 she was 15, i came in her but we learned, i think he was turned on by cumming on her, he smiled when describing it, so there ya go, yes and she liked it to.. got to say she has a sexy way about her.

  • It's not even morally wrong. Society only believes that crap because they are conditioned to "think" that it is. In the last 15 to 20 years however, those beliefs have dramatically reverted to where it is nearly mainstream now among the general population to acknowledge it as healthy sexual expression. Factually, its popularity & acceptance is increasing exponentially as sexual intimacy among close family members snowballs in many cultures, neighborhoods and groups of people. It crosses many borders geographically as well as politically.

    That stated, my sister and I never held anything but high regard for our sexual relationship, which endured for many years.

  • I have a grown up daughter nakedness is common with us, When I see my daughter naked I look at her body her breasts and nipples if she bends over in front of me I do have a good look at her anus and vagina I find I go a bit warm down below, I know when a woman sees another naked woman they check her out of curiosity, I have had a good look at my friends naked body when we change after jim, I know my daughter check me out, sometimes our bodied contact when passing close, I pretended I had a bad back and asked her to massage my lower back her hands did wander frequently on me buttocks and nearly on my anus, I got excited I think she did she was breathing heavily at times, but I might be wrong, any other mum or daughter want to talk or comment

  • Incest is most common between brother and sister then between brothers and next is father and daughter, its very rare between mum and daughter

  • You are right, but my ex had a threesome with her mom and her moms best friend when she walked in and caught her mom eating her friends pussy on the dryer. they were very taboo in many ways..

  • As you denote, nearly no one has any desire whatsoever to engage in the world of queers, truth be told. A son can nearly always get his mother to submit to his sexual desires, if she no longer has a spouse.

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