I don't deserve him

I'm the biggest piece of crap in the world. I don't deserve my husband. I deserve to be thrown out to live in the streets. He's so understanding and completely loving I can't understand why. I have done nothing but be a dirty disgusting slut , I have committed some of the most disgusting ,demeaning and illegal sexual act's. I should be thrown in jail. He comfort's me and we talk through it every time. I lay in bed at night in tears telling myself that I can and will stop this madness. Then I do something even worse. Doctors say it's in my head and only talk , I feel like I need medicine or something.

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  • He obviously loves you, so love him back. Stop being a slut, he’s only not saying anything because he’s scared of losing you.

  • I know I know

  • Sweetie it could always be worse, my kids are from three different men, all not my husband, I've slept with almost every man I know to include my husband father, 2 brothers, 4 cousins, his uncle, his co-workers, especially his boss, my daughters boy friends, and I gave them all HIV

  • Let him know so he can move on.

  • He does know and keeps forgiving me

  • My friend is honestly the greatest of guys. His wife abuses his good nature as you do yourself. I got abused in that manner for many years. Suddenly I grew a pair and walked out the door.

  • It's even worse when I tell complete strangers that I have been with multiple men at the same time multiple times, I have knelt down so men could cum on my face, I have licked out men's butt holes, I have been with dogs the list is almost endless of the things I have done and continue to do.

  • I was checking off the same items on my own "done that" list until I got to "been with dogs"... but if you enjoy it, I won't judge you.

  • Take the first step and start by opening up and tell us what acts you have done.

  • Without acknowledging what you did, you are probably right.

  • What did you do? Full list, please.

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