I don't deserve him

I'm the biggest piece of crap in the world. I don't deserve my husband. I deserve to be thrown out to live in the streets. He's so understanding and completely loving I can't understand why. I have done nothing but be a dirty disgusting slut , I have committed some of the most disgusting ,demeaning and illegal sexual act's. I should be thrown in jail. He comfort's me and we talk through it every time. I lay in bed at night in tears telling myself that I can and will stop this madness. Then I do something even worse. Doctors say it's in my head and only talk , I feel like I need medicine or something.

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  • Trust me you're not alone and you're not the worse.I ended up cheating on my hubby just 6 months after getting married.It went on for almost a year.And the worse thing was not cheating in our marriage bed,or screwing another woman's husband,or catching an std,but falling pregnant and having to get rid of it because its not your husbands.

  • He obviously loves you, so love him back. Stop being a slut, he’s only not saying anything because he’s scared of losing you.

  • I know I know

  • Sweetie it could always be worse, my kids are from three different men, all not my husband, I've slept with almost every man I know to include my husband father, 2 brothers, 4 cousins, his uncle, his co-workers, especially his boss, my daughters boy friends, and I gave them all HIV

  • Let him know so he can move on.

  • He does know and keeps forgiving me

  • My friend is honestly the greatest of guys. His wife abuses his good nature as you do yourself. I got abused in that manner for many years. Suddenly I grew a pair and walked out the door.

  • It's even worse when I tell complete strangers that I have been with multiple men at the same time multiple times, I have knelt down so men could cum on my face, I have licked out men's butt holes, I have been with dogs the list is almost endless of the things I have done and continue to do.

  • I was checking off the same items on my own "done that" list until I got to "been with dogs"... but if you enjoy it, I won't judge you.

  • Take the first step and start by opening up and tell us what acts you have done.

  • Without acknowledging what you did, you are probably right.

  • What did you do? Full list, please.

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