Enjoying The Adult Theatre

I decided to go check out the adult theater one Friday night. As I’m looking at the magazines I squatted down to see some on a low shelf and saw the guy closest to me start rubbing his dick while facing me, so I decided to tease him some. I showed him the cover of the magazine I was looking at, it had a picture of a girl starting to suck on a guys dick.
I stood up and looked at more magazines until I found my next tease one. This time I bent over, sticking my ass out and got a magazine about Anal sex. While I was bent over displaying the cover to him he walked past me and brushed my ass, when he did I let out a sigh of enjoyment. I squatted down again and as he rubbed himself I looked straight at his growing bulge. As I moved past him I let my hand brush against his dick and rubbed it so he knew it wasn’t an accident.
The theater had two rows of seats missing just inside the entrance and I stopped there to let my eyes adjust to the dark, and to see if he would follow me inside. I moved over to the corner when he came inside and he moved close to me. I saw him pull his dick out and stroke it. I reached out and took his dick in my hand and started stroking it, feeling it get harder and thicker as I stroked it.
He took control and pushed me down and told me to suck it. I guided it to my mouth and started giving him my best blowjob. Then he held my head and started fucking my face. He would pull his dick out until only the head was inside of my mouth then shove it completely inside me. I couldn’t breathe as his dick Wes rammed down my throat, nose buried in his crotch.
I lost track of time as he shoved his dick down my throat, nothing else mattered except his dick. That is until my hand was guided to another dick. My other hand was placed on another dick as I started tasting pre cum. The dick was pulled out of my mouth and a thick stream of cum shot out and across my face and in my hair. I eagerly drained every drop of cum from his dick after he stuck it back in my mouth, swallowing all of it. He stood me up and told me to drop my shorts. Then he bends me over and guides my mouth one of the dicks that I had started stroking while I sucked him as I heard him telling the other guy that he could fuck my ass.
My butt cheeks were spread as my mouth was filled with thick hard cock. I felt the dick head pressed against my ass hole as I sucked dick. The dick at my ass was forcing its way inside my tight ass but all I could do was moan since my mouth was full. It burned when the guys dick head finally entered my ass. He paused a little thankfully letting me get used to his size.
Then both guys shoved their dicks completely inside of me at the same time. My body had never felt that sensation before. Both guys started fucking me roughly. I could barely breathe from the pounding my ass was getting, much less trying to time my breath when my throat wasn’t filled with dick.
I realized that my body was enjoying being forcefully fucked at both ends. I found myself wanting the cock deeper inside my ass. I soon had my hands around two new dicks stroking them as the dick was pulled out of my mouth and another stream of thick cum was shot on my face. I took his cock back in my mouth and was swallowing his last drops as I felt the cock buried in my ass start pumping it’s load of cum deep inside of me.
I quickly started sucking another dick as my ass milked the last drop of cum from the shrinking dick. Quickly the other cock was shoved inside my ass.
I don’t remember how many men shot their load of cum in my mouth, or up my ass. I even had guys jacking off and shooting their cum on my face and in my hair. I had cum dripping off of me when I left. I had it running down my legs as it leaked out of my streatched ass hole.

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  • It happened to me when I was in the navy down in San Diego California I was standing at the buss stop heading for town for I had four days off and I wanted to get off the base. Three minutes standing there this car pulls up asked me if I needed a ride into town and I hopped into his car and in no time he mad a pass at me asking if I wanted a Bj and he pulled over parked by some bushes and gave me a wonderful BJ right along the free way then after cumming in his mouth he slid my pants down further and started in playing with my ass sticking his finger into ,e getting me wet then he started in fucking me slow and deep as his co ck grew harder inside of me and in no time he became the biggest hardest coc k that has ever been in me and then he started in going faster as I told him how good he felt in me then he started in playing with my nipples and I went wild on his coc k and he filled my ass with his cum shoving his coc k ball deep into me he collapsed upon my back telling me how good I felt to him and I told him I thought he was going to be the death of me but I loved every bit of it even when you pinched my nipples as you went deep in me. He started in rubbing my nipples again kinda pushing them into me and I said OH GOD DONT STOP AND HE DIDN'T AND FUCKED ME AGAIN BUT THIS TIME SLOW AND DEEP (sorry) took him almost a hour to fill my ass with his cum again then he invited me to attend a family reunion he was headed for and I accepted. Seems his family was all gay and I got sucked by several members and fucked by most of them over and over for 2 1/2 days and nights. some big some small but I took em all just enjoying their hard co cks in me and their cum.

  • I can seriously relate to this fantasy. I have no idea where it comes from as I'm a straight married man. I keep this hidden from my wife but if she just looked at my computer she would be instantly aware of my filthy desires. It gets me so hard and I masturbate often thinking about it. I really wonder what my wife would think of it all.

  • So what are some of your desires? Do you imagine yourself being pleased by cocks? Is it only one person that you know that you think about, or are there multiple men that you please? Do you imagine your wife joining in, does she arrange some of the activities for you?
    Tell me more please.

  • I’ve always fantasized about having this happen to me. Be so hot to be pounded in both ends by multiple random cocks at the same time.

  • I’ve been lucky that I’ve been allowed to please lots of juicy dicks. Sometimes groups, sometimes it would be several men over a period of hours. I always enjoyed it when I had several dicks cum in my mouth, and when I had cum leaking out of my ass on my drive home.

  • Never happened, not even interesting reading please try to at least make your posts a bit believable.

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