Pantie dare gone wrong.

I am a man and I was dared to wear only panties on trip and show myself in them off while traveling. 2 weeks later, while at a hotel I put on just a t-shirt and bright orange VS satin panties. I heard voices down the hallway and stepped out of the room to flash them. I never saw them but knew they could see me.
The next night I had to show off a pair of black panties. I planned to flash the hotel staff when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door with my fly down exposing my panties to flash whoever. But it was one of the men who I had flashed the previous day. He said he say me and I looked sexy. He walked into my room and told me to strip to my panties. I did.
He laid me on the bed and fucked me saying that was what I deserved for wearing panties. He then made me walk him to the door wearing only my now cum soaked panties.
Not what I expected for the dare.

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  • Kenknowy cancer threats made at women he raped look behind you at the dr office at the specialist and see the half armed women he is playing games on his victims - he calls it tough love. I call it murder and want to report it and the dr if he doesn't watch out. something strange about that doctor, want a new younger one male and cheap and more helpful for work and relationship if this old one does get moving with some positive meetings for me and dates and weight loss and work and good health.

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