Ladies what is your oddest pick up story?

So my friends and I were talking and got on the suspect of pick up stories where a guy approached them and was just smooth, charming, or sexy enough to get them laid.

One friend said it was a guy who offered to buy her clothing at a clothing store, by saying he would buy her stuff but she had to model it for him. And ended up having sex with him that day. Another talked about smooth bar pick up lines that got her wet.

Mine was when I was a waitress and a guy flirting with me offered me a "big tip" and ended up getting laid that day.

So what worked on any other Ladies?

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  • I had really short hair and dressed like a total tomboy when I was around 13. An older lady, cery curvy and confident and very much not giving a fuck what people thought, approached me at the park and said something to the effect of, "Excuse me, young man, but I'm assuming you're a virgin. How would you like to lose your virginity to me?"

    I wasn't even into women then, but I said yes.

    It was only as we were about to enter her house (yes, and she drove me there; by all rights I should be part of her skin-suit now, lol) that I remembered to tell her I was a girl, not a boy. Her response? To peer over her glasses and say, "Well, damn. You still want to go at it?"

    I did.

  • In high school one of my boyfriends friends said he was a virgin. We all talked about it and tried to give him advice on girls. When everyone left he came back to my house and we sat on his car on the driveway and he said thanks for the advice and then asked if I could be his first. I said okay, we started kissing and he was hard and I got in the backseat with him and had sex with him. We never told anyone but he would come over often after that and we did a lot together.

  • I was 24 at my friends wedding, I was getting my things to leave. Almost everyone was gone, and I had said goodbye to everyone, He and I had not talked all night and I never told anyone that I liked him when we were kids. As I was walking out he ran up behind me and grabbed me and turned me around to kiss me, we kissed passionately, I gave right in, he pulled my arm to a hallway in the hotel and we kissed and were all over each other. We went into a stair case hallway and I went down on him for a little then he pulled down the top of my dress and lifted the back of my dress and I bent over the rail and we had sex until he came and then he just kissed my forehead and left. I walked back to the ballroom with cum running down my thighs and did not see him anywhere. I took a cab home and never saw him again. That was 16 years ago.

  • It probably only worked cause I was drunk but I was at a club and two guys came up to me and said they wanted to see who could get me pregnant the fastest. Went back with them to one of their apartments and fucked them both.

  • I played volleyball in college and after practice my back was aching badly. I cannot remember why my roommate had him over but he was there with them when I returned. She was not trying to go out with him and when I told my roommate my back was killing me he offered to massage me. He was so good at massage that my back quit hurting and I was amazed. He gave me his phone and room number and told me to come by anytime I wanted a massage. I stopped by his room a few days later and it was just the two of us because he was an RA. He had me naked after about an hour of massaging my whole body and then he pleasured me like I had never been pleasured in my life. I was putty in that guys hands and mouth, the man was a sex genius. I left his room two hours later and I already wanted to go back for more.

  • I was at a gas station getting ready to fill up when a guy came over and offered to pump my gas for me. Flirted with me the entire time. Ended up back at his place. Gas wasnt the only thing to get pumped that day.

  • I'm from Australia,worked in a pub in England.Cute English guy I did late shift with,got on too well,leaving work late,offered him sex if he had condoms as I wasn't on pill.He didn't so just blew him in an alleyway.Luckily for him agreed to go back to his place,had anal sex till his housemate got home and had condom,then we fucked till it got light outside.

  • A guy started fingering me at a concert. It made me laugh. I fucked him in the parking lot.

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